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A New Store Down The Block Part 2


When we talk about local stores having a local advantage, what does this actually mean, and how will this help you when it comes to understanding how to retain a customer in the face of Internet-based global competition?

In many ways, it’s really a matter of getting to know your customers, and being responsive to them. And a consumer satisfaction survey is an extremely valuable tool for both understanding and responding to your customers.

When you use Compechek’s ASK-LISTEN-RETAIN survey analysis and response system, each customer satisfaction questionnaire becomes a record of a customer’s needs, tastes, requirements, and concerns. The ALR system automatically analyzes both individual survey-question responses and the customer’s comments, giving you a profile that shows how that customer rates your store in terms of your key areas of concern, and how that customer rates your store based on his or her specific areas of concern.

But the ALR system doesn’t just analyze. It will automatically flag any customer who has an unresolved problem with your store, or who, in the opinion of the trained Compechek survey-taker, shows signs of being dissatisfied with your store’s products or services without actually saying so. And it doesn’t stop there. The ALR system will automatically contact the responsible store manager, requiring that manager to review the customer record and contact the customer within a set period of time. The ALR system holds the manager responsible for taking the appropriate steps to resolve the customer’s problems, and to record the results of that resolution.

This means that the process of understanding and responding to individual customers’ concerns becomes built into your store’s way of doing business. Every time that a local store manager talks to a customer personally and resolves that customer’s problems with the store, it forms a personal bond between the customer and the store, providing a basis for a kind of loyalty which can only grow out of individual understanding and personal contact.

And loyalty of that sort doesn’t end with the individual customer. A happy customer will talk to friends and colleagues, and let them know what a great store you have, giving you an excellent opportunity to build a network of loyal customers.

These are advantages that are only available to stores that operate on a local level. Big-time Internet-based retailers and wholesalers who operate strictly on a global or national level can’t compete for local loyalty – if you are willing to make the most of your local advantages, rather than letting yourself get caught in the trap of trying to compete with global Internet vendors on their terms.

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