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Building Customer Loyalty – Part 1 of 2


Customer relationships are the key to success in business. The better you know your customers the more you will be able to cultivate customer loyalty and retention and increase your core of loyal customers. Increasing your customer base of loyal buyers will in turn multiply your profits and allow you to develop a stable profitable business.

Customer relationships can be built by getting regular customer satisfaction feedback and using voice of the customer programs to analyze data. Many companies find that they are not really doing enough to forge and maintain customer relationships.

The most successful businesses are those that have their ear to the ground and are aware of their customer needs. When they understand these wants and needs they then proceed to tailor products around them. This in turn will forge better relationships with their customers and create a solid base of loyal buyers. When solid relationships are built with customers you will gain loyal buyers and set your company up for long term profits.

It is essential to see the big picture when creating and maintaining customer relationships. When you view the customer in a holistic way you can understand their needs and wants and how to build up a solid relationship with them. A customer satisfaction survey can create analytical and historical data which coupled together allow companies to see and understand everything about their customers.

Surveys and data from your buyers will help you to gather information about the customer. Customer loyalty and retention data can help businesses to understand all this information and analyze it so that you can adjust areas in your business to help you build better relationships with your customer.

Deepening customer relationships will help your company in the following ways:

  • Help you find new customers: when you know your customers’ wants and needs better you can understand how to find new ones
  • How to make more sales
  • Build loyalty in your customers
  • Increase customer retention
  • Customize products to customers’ needs
  • Improve your company: so that it is more in line with what your customer wants and needs
  • Improve products and sales pitch

What customer service best practices must achieve to create better and deeper relationships with their customers?

  • Learning as much as possible about their customers, likes and dislikes and what they expect from a company
  • Gathering and analyzing data from ongoing customer retention strategies
  • Putting customers at the center point of the company
  • Interacting with customers is paramount
  • Listening and then informing the customer what is going to be done about a problem they have experienced

Look for Part 2 of the Building Customer Loyalty in our next blog.

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