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Building Customer Relationships – Part 1 of 2


When you take care of customers and build relationships with them you will be able to nurture long term profits for your business. Many salespeople have a catch as catch can approach. The companies that hire them are just living in hope that they are building relationships with their customers. However there is a good deal of uncertainty in the word “hope.” A better course of action is customer relation management so to not just rely on luck but to take positive action. Sales people must take positive steps in building customer loyalty with solid long lasting relationships with their customers.

Many companies think that a great product will simply be able to “sell itself” by way of reputation. However this is only part of the picture. The larger and often the most neglected part are nurturing customer relationships. When customer loyalty and retention programs are built you will be able to rely on these customers to continue to buy with you and increase profits over time.

There are a number of proven methods that will help you to improve your relationships with your customers. The first one is to understand how you will motivate your customer. This means that you will need to get into the mind of your customer and know what sparks certain behaviors, specifically what motivates them to buy.

Motivation from the company and the customer is the marriage of success in building and developing deep business relationships with the customer. This will in turn foster customer loyalty and long term profits for the company.

How to RETAIN a Customer:

1: The company is motivated to build deeper relationships with its customers. Research has uncovered the fact that only behaviors of the customer should be studied that will lead to better relationships. A customer satisfaction survey is one method that has been devised to collect data and find means of stimulating the customer’s expectations and beliefs.

2: Employee treatment by the management will affect customer relations. If employees are treated well by the management and trained to handle all situations, they will be able to help customers and have a good attitude to work. This in turn will be projected to the customer. A good relationship between employees and management can create a good relationship climate. Happy well trained employees will further good relationships with customers by treating them well.

In our next blog, Part 2 of Building Customer Relationships we will outline the 4 groups of customers in our relationship model. Stay tuned…

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