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Customer Engagement: It’s Personal, Part 1


Customer engagement is a genuine emotional relationship; and from the customer’s point of view, it can be very personal, and very intense!

Customers spend their money (and we all have some strong personal feelings about our own money) at your store, expecting good products, good service, and good, friendly, respectful treatment in return.  If that’s what they get, they’re going to be happy, and they’ll remember that good feeling the next time they think about your store.  But if that isn’t what they get, they’re going to be unhappy, and that unhappy feeling is going to be what they remember whenever they think about your store.

What does this mean to your bottom line?

It can mean a lot.  An engaged customer who has a good relationship with your business is likely to tell other people about it, to think of your business first when considering buying a product, to not be turned away by any problems that do come up, and to keep coming around, giving you years of returning business.  When you think about it, that’s a pretty good payoff for treating someone well.

And needless to say, an unhappy and disengaged customer will also talk, and will also think of your business, but not in a good way.  Bad word of mouth can cost you money just as surely as if there was a hole in the bottom of your cash register.  And that’s a high price to pay for treating someone poorly, or for just not listening to their concerns.

Research that tracks client satisfaction surveys and stock prices has shown that customer engagement is a very good predictor of stock values  –  and of a company’s worth.  In fact, there is good reason to think that customer engagement is the force that drives all other measures of business success.  In other words, customer engagement is gold.  If you have a way to track it, if you have a way to understand it, and if you have a way to increase it, it’s like having a gold mine right at the front counter of your store.

And that means that measuring customer satisfaction is one of the most effective things that you can do to increase the value and the profitability of your business.  Surveys conducted by Compechek’s professional survey-takers, along with the ASK-LISTEN-RETAIN system’s analysis, reporting, notification, and tracking features, will provide a solid framework for your company’s customer retention management program, allowing you to build that all important and very personal relationship with your customers into the kind of lasting engagement that will pay dividends to your business for years to come.

If you would like to know more about how the ASK LISTEN RETAIN System or how it can help create customer retention and loyalty, please contact us.