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Customer Engagement: It’s Personal, Part 2


“But really,” you might ask, “what’s so important about having engaged customers?  Do they actually need to do anything but come in and buy what they’re selling, and do we actually need to do anything but sell them what they want?  If we do a good job of advertising, and keep our shelves stocked, shouldn’t that be enough to keep customers coming in?”

These days, good customer retention strategies and customer service best practices are at least as important as keeping your doors open and your shelves stocked.

When it comes to the way that your customers feel about your store, you’ll find that they naturally fall into three groups:

  • Engaged customers  –  the ones who you’ve already won over
  • Disengaged customers  –  the ones who actively don’t like your store
  • Either-way customers  –  the ones who are neutral at the moment, but could become engaged  –  or disengaged

In other words, they aren’t all neutral, and the ones who are neutral could be persuaded to like your store, or to dislike it.  Think of the engaged customers as your friends:  they’re likely to stick with you even if things don’t always go the way that they want them to.  And think of the disengaged customers as an unfriendly bunch:  for a variety of reasons, thy don’t like you, and they aren’t inclined to give you a chance.  And those either-way customers?  Right now, they could be listening to your friends  –  or to what your unfriends are saying about you.  And most of your customers are in the either-way group.

In other words, the ball’s in play  –  and the more people you’ve got on your team (the engaged customers), the more likely the ball is to stay in your hands.  Every engaged customer means more sales, and more positive word-of-mouth. That’s free advertising  –  an engaged customer is likely to tell those either-way customers what a great store you have.  And those disengaged customers are just as likely to be telling people what a terrible store you have.  That’s also free advertising  –  for your competitors.
So it’s vital for you to know who’s on your team, and who’s on the other team.  And it’s equally vital to know how you can win those either-way customers and those unfriendly, unhappy disengaged customers over to your team.  And the best way to find that out?  Ask them.  It’s as simple as that.  If you ask them the right questions, they’ll tell you how they feel, and why.

And the best way to ask those question, and to get good, clear, useful answers?  Use the services of a professional consumer satisfaction survey company, such as Compechek Market Research, home of the ASK LISTEN RETAIN program.

If you would like to know more about how the ASK LISTEN RETAIN System or how it can help create customer retention and loyalty, please contact us.