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Customer Service Best Practices – 6 laws (Part 1 of 2)


Customer service best practices can be translated into 6 laws. In order to gain the optimum level of customer relationships it is necessary to study and understand these laws. When this is done you will find that you can implement NEW methods to improve customer loyalty and retention.

1 – For every action there is a personal interaction

2 – It is all about what is in it for ME

3 – When a company becomes familiar with its customers they will be more likely to forge a bond.

4 – Engaged customers cannot be created by disengaged employees

5 – Employees actions are determined by incentives, measurement and celebration

6 – There is no way you can fake it

LAW #1:

For every action there is a personal interaction: Simply put this means that when you take an action the reaction you get is highly individual and will not always be the same between customers. This is because customers are individuals and will react differently to an action. No two customers can be expected to react in the same way to an action.

So what should you do?

  • Tailor experiences to meet certain sections of your customers.
  • Segment your customers and see which segments are the most vital for the company.
  • Have a good VOC program so that all data can be collected. This data can then be used to change policies, make company decisions and decide where to invest capitol etc.
  • Employees need to understand and be able to adjust to customers’ needs.

LAW #2:

It is all about what is in it for ME: Both customers and employees have their own agendas that center around themselves.

So what do we do to make this law work for the company good?

Employees will know more than the customers about company policies and products but it is their duty to make sure that they put facts across to the customers in a way that the customer will understand them. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes is customer retention management 101 . Help them to make a purchase rather than hard selling to them. Make things easy for the customer and do not bore them with details of how the company works. Be sure that employees make sure that customers are first not company protocol.

LAW #3:

When a company becomes familiar with its customers they will be more likely to forge a bond: Familiarity with customers’ needs and wants will help the customer build a good relationship with the business; building customer loyalty.

How can a company make this law work?

It is vital for the company to adjust their policies and products etc. to meet the customer’s needs and wants. This requires all employees to become more familiar with the customers and build good relationships with them. It is important to remember that the company needs to pull together as a team in order to achieve understanding of the customer. Employees will need to put their personal opinions aside and concentrate on customer requirements. Customer retention programs often stem from this new familiarity and bonding .

Watch for part 2 of this mini-series that will deal with the next 3 laws of understanding and implementing customer service best practices. Stay tuned.

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