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Digging for Customers, Part 2


A question isn’t just a question, of course.  It can be a way of letting you customers know that their concerns are important to you, of telling them about new products or services, and of checking on the reach and effectiveness of a promotion.  You can combine customer retention programs and customer service best practices with advertising and tracking the effectiveness of promotions in a low-key and customer-friendly way, simply by the effective use of client satisfaction survey questions ad keywords.

For example, if you are in the process of rolling out a new product, you can add a few questions about it to your current customer survey.  They can be as simple as “What have you heard about our new product?” or a little more subtle:  “Would you be interested in using a product that did such-and-such?”  A few gentle questions of this sort can let customers know about your new products or services, and let you know how your customers feel about them. And your customers’ answers can be tied into your store’s system for rapid customer response.  Do a customer’s responses indicate an interest in a new product or service?  If that information goes to your sales team, they can contact the customer, and turn that interest into a solid sale.

And well-chosen keywords can be equally valuable for tracking the effectiveness of a promotion.  The ALR system, for example, has three categories of keywords:

  • Negative  –  words that alert you when something is going wrong.  These are the words which are important for identifying and resolving customer problems.
  • Positive  –  words that let you know that something is working well, and producing good results.  These are the words that give you a chance to reward good managers for the results of their positive efforts.
  • Keyword  –  words that aren’t necessarily positive or negative, but can reflect current areas of interest.  These are the words that can let you know whether or not your customers have heard of an ongoing promotion campaign, for example, and how they are responding to it.

This third category of keyword lets you measure the effectiveness of a promotion.  Is the word getting out?  Is it making an impression on your customers?  Are they responding favorably?

You can also use these keywords to find out more about how customers interact with your store.  Do they spend more time talking to your salespeople on the floor, or to the clerks at the checkout stand?  Are they more concerned about orders and deliveries, or about the availability of products?  A well-thought-out set of keywords can be one of your most effective customer research tools.

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