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Hidden Treasure Right in Front of You


What would you do if you found out that you had a hidden stockroom full of valuable merchandise, packed away in crates, uninventoried, non-priced, uninspected, and unsold – just stuck away in a corner, unnoticed by management a floor staff alike?

Wouldn’t you want to at least take a look at it, to find out what you had, and to try to turn it to your advantage? You’d feel foolish just letting it sit there.

But you might as well be letting valuable merchandise sit in your stockroom untouched when you ignore the value of customer satisfaction feedback. The information which you can gather from a good customer experience survey can be valuable – in real, measurable financial terms – to every aspect of your business, when you analyze and apply it effectively.

What do we mean by value? First and foremost, customer feedback can mean the difference between customers lost and customers retained. When you take the time to ask customers whether they are happy or unhappy with your company, with your services, with your products, or with the way that they have been treated by your employees – that is when you find out what you need to do to keep them coming back, or to keep them from leaving.

And this can happen right down to the level of the individual customer. When you use a system for customer survey analysis and automatically-enforced employee accountability, you can catch and remedy problems as they arise. When you do this, you not only take care of outstanding customer-relations issues – you actually increase customer loyalty by demonstrating in concrete terms how much you care about individual customers.

A well-thought-out system for measuring customer satisfaction also allows you to increase overall customer happiness with your business. When you get a clear picture of what customers like and don’t like about the way that they have been treated by your employees, for example, you can take positive steps to encourage a the kinds of behavior and attitudes on the part of your front-line staff that your customers want to see, and to make your employees aware of the things that are likely to turn customers away.

And of course, the insights gained from customer experience programs can be be of benefit at the highest levels of your organization, as well. Knowing what your customers want and don’t want is a necessity when it comes to laying out a clear and accurate roadmap for your business’ success.

The voice of the customer is the voice of your future!

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