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Knowing What’s Important Part 1


You don’t need to be the smartest business owner in town to succeed, but you do need to know what’s important and what’s not. You can be a genius at organizing, a wizard at finance, a master of supply-chain logistics, and have a mind full of first-rate ideas, but if you can’t tell the difference between an important idea and one that’s just a distraction, if you don’t know how to separate high-priority items from ones that are trivial, if both crucial and minor issues carry the same kind of weight in your mind, then all of that genius, all of that wizardry may come to very little indeed. Because there’s no substitute, no substitute at all, for knowing what matters and what doesn’t.

And one of the most important issues that you will encounter in business is how to go about building customer loyalty , and how to maintain it. You can have a beautiful store, very neatly laid out, with lots of attractive-looking merchandise on display, and a stockroom that is a masterpiece of organization. But those won’t do much good if you don’t have customers, or if you can’t keep the ones you have.

That may seem like a rather obvious point, but consider this: A store that aims for a high volume of sales, and a very rapid transaction time – the kind of place where sales clerks are rated (and rewarded or penalized) for their average turnaround time per transaction. Does a store like that have the right priorities?

Maybe not. If the high turnaround rate and short transaction time mean that customers leave a busy, crowded store feeling happy that they could make their purchases quickly, that’s one thing. But if the clerks are rude and unhelpful, and there are no employees on the floor to answer questions, then the cost of the short transaction time and high throughput may be very few repeat customers, and any advantage gained from the rapid turnaround time may be lost.

In that kind of situation, how do you know if your priorities are right? A customer experience survey , such as those conducted by the professional survey-takers at Compechek, can tell you very clearly whether your priorities are on track or not. If your customers like the way that your store is run, they’ll make it clear in the answers that they give to customer satisfaction survey questions – and if they don’t like it, they’ll make that equally clear, giving you a chance to adopt now and more appropriate standards and practices while you still have time.

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