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Manufacturer’s – Customer Retention Program


After interviewing the leading manufacturers, manufacturer agents’ sales managers and marketing executives, we understand the common challenges you are facing in today’s highly competitive automotive aftermarket.

These challenges included:

  • Having customers that know the VALUE of your line of high quality products.
  • Competing against a number of COMPETITOR brands that tout similarity.
  • Having your field reps build sound business relations.

Our system can help you over come these challenges. And you know, your customers are wanting the same things from you as well. After asking a group of progressive jobbers across the country for their input about the ASK LISTEN RETAIN program, this focus group all reported they felt this program would be of great value as a communication and follow-up tool.

The ‘VALUE’ would be demonstrated by:

  • Improving the ‘voice’ of the jobber so that their needs/concerns are heard and effectively addressed.
  • Building stronger business relationships and rapport.
  • Improving services by responding to jobber’s needs/concerns.
  • Strengthening the commitment between the jobber and manufacturer or agent.

You have the power to control your jobber relationships and taking control, by ASK’ng the right questions, LISTEN’ng to the results, and systematically overcoming concerns to RETAIN loyal jobbers and customers.

Let us show you how it works and the benefits it brings both to your brand and to your jobbers, their installers and even retail outlets across the country. Simply contact us and we’ll email you a link for the short video demonstration right away.

If you would like to know more about how the ASK LISTEN RETAIN System or how it can help create customer retention and loyalty, please contact us.