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Not Your Grandfather’s Store Part 1


There was a time, just a few generations ago, when a captive market really was a captive market. Most people lived in small towns, or out in the countryside on farms, and traveling wasn’t that easy.

Even after automobile ownership became common, a trip to the next town was out of the ordinary, and a visit to the city was an adventure; air travel was for the very rich, and a rail trip could be a big expense. So when people went shopping, it was at local stores, whatever those stores were, and however they were run. Of course, you could order something from a catalog, but that took time, and there were only a few catalog retailers to choose from.

So if the local grocery store, the local pharmacy, or the local automobile parts store didn’t have very good stock, or had unfriendly clerks – even if you knew for a fact that the local butcher liked to put his thumb on the scale – you put up with it, because you didn’t have any choice.

In your grandfather’s world, most store owners didn’t have to worry about how to retain a customer , because they knew that their customers weren’t going anywhere. Most store owners didn’t have to spend time looking over their shoulders for the competition, because there wasn’t any competition. And most customers knew that they could complain all they wanted to, and it wouldn’t matter. There was no need to go around measuring customer satisfaction , because customer satisfaction didn’t matter. If a store was profitable, that was enough.

Now depending on the way that you see things, you may think that was the best of times to be in business, or the worst of times to be a customer, but whichever way you look at it, those days are long gone. You can’t afford to take your customers for granted for even a second, because you do have competition down the street, in the next town, in the next state – and more and more these days, all around the world. If you don’t take how your customers feel about your store into account – and take it seriously – you may wake up some morning and find that you don’t have very many customers.

That’s why services such as Compechek, which not only conduct client satisfaction surveys , but also provide you with tools (such as the ASK-LISTEN-RETAIN system) for analyzing them and for turning the results into action, are so important to your business. It’s not your grandfather’s store, it’s not your grandfather’s retail environment, and you can’t afford to conduct business as usual like it was still the good old days.

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