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Not Your Grandfather’s Store Part 2


When it comes to retail, wholesale, and customer relation management , the phrase “good old days” doesn’t just refer to your grandfather’s time.

It wasn’t too long ago at all – less than a generation – that store owners could count on a significant amount of repeat business simply because the alternatives were too difficult (or simply too inconvenient) for many customers. Remember the days when people would go to the store to buy CDs or books, or rent movies?

“Wait a minute!” you say, “Wasn’t that just last week? What happened to that music store down the street, and that video store around the corner? They were there just a few… years ago. Oh, it can’t have been that long!”

And you’re right. It wasn’t long ago at all. And it wasn’t very long ago when the main alternative to going to a store was to pick your way through the printed pages of half a dozen specialized catalogs, fill out order forms by hand, write checks, and send your checks and orders off in the mail. It took time, and it wasn’t all that easy to keep track of what was on what page of which catalog. It wasn’t that bad, but it was just inconvenient enough so that real, live walk-in stores still had an advantage.

But as recent as they may have been, those days are still as long gone as the era of the Model T and the small-town general store. These days, your competition isn’t some store a couple of miles away, or a mail-order catalog with 120 flimsy pages of small pictures and smaller type, and a fill-in-the-tiny-boxes order form.

Your competition is on your customers’ desktop and laptop computer, on their smartphones, and on their iPads – and its working twenty-four hours a day every day of the year to get your customers’ attention and their business. Everything – finding products, finding the best price, comparing quality – is right there, at the touch of their fingertips.

If your customers don’t like the way that you do business, they can turn around and do business with the entire world now. And when it comes to the number of competing online businesses out there, it’s a very big world indeed – but when it comes to how easy it is for those businesses to get your customers’ attention, it’s a very, very small world.

In such a high-speed, global-competition world, you need an ally like Compechek to provide you with customer satisfaction feedback , to analyze the data intelligently, and to help you put it to work as part of an ongoing strategy for building customer loyalty . There is no sitting still.

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