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Putting Customer Satisfaction Surveys To Work!


What do we mean when we talk about analyzing consumer satisfaction survey data and putting it to work?


Well, as an example, here’s what you SHOULD expect from an effective CUSTOMER SURVEY AND RETENTION system that:

  • Takes customer input from whatever sources are available  —  telephone surveys, in-store or on-line questionnaires, mobile apps  —  and put it to use.
  • Pulls as much information as it can from the raw data, including direct ratings by customers, and positive, negative, and topic-specific keywords.
  • Delivers the right reports to the right people.  It tailors the level of report information, report structure, and report capabilities to the needs and interests of each level of management.
    This means that individual store managers get store-level reports, district managers get district-level reports, and regional and national managers get regional and national-level reports.  Higher-level managers will be able to see at a glance the level of information that concerns them the most, and drill down to lower-level information for specific regions, districts, or stores.
  • Report data is presented visually, for quick recognition and response, as well as in detail.  Managers see color-coded heat maps and color-coding for individual survey answers.
  • Reports link directly to complete survey details for each individual customer.  Managers can go directly to individual customer records, see individual survey answers, and read verbatim transcriptions of customer comments, along with survey-taker notes.
  • Automatically recognizes potential trouble, such as low ratings and negative keywords, and flags individual customers for attention.  If a customer has a complaint, or even if the survey-taker suspects that the customer is unhappy but unwilling to say anything, a survey will be flagged.
  • Automatically holds store managers directly accountable for resolving individual customer problems.  It notifies the responsible manager when a customer has a problem, and requires the manager to log into the system and read the customer record within a set period of time.
  • It also requires the manager to send an e-mail response and a follow-up message to the customer, both of which are then included in the customer record, along with the manager’s notes regarding the resolution of the problem.  If a manager fails to take any of the required actions, higher-level managers are automatically notified.

One of the basic principles of our ASK LISTEN RETAIN system is that client satisfaction survey data and analysis never gets stuck on a shelf and ignored.  Instead, it results in alerts and prompts to action when required, and in monitored and fully accountable action on the part of each responsible manager.

With a system like ASK-LISTEN-RETAIN, surveys always lead to results.