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Statistics – Unhappy Customers Walk


Customers genuinely do care about how they’re treated, and they’re not shy about voting with their feet.

According to Harris Interactive, 86% of the customers who stop doing business from a company do so because of a bad experience – that’s up from just 59% four years ago.

Why is this happening? Are employees becoming less conscientious or polite, more rude and indifferent? Are businesses becoming less concerned about the long-term bottom line, and more interested in immediate turnaround? There are undoubtedly parts of the retail or service economy where this is going on. There are always fly-by-night outfits whose indifference to repeat business and lack of integrity make life difficult for honest, well-run businesses with a focus on long-term success.

But more than anything, it may be that unhappy customers are walking in greater numbers simply because they can walk. Online vendors account for a large and growing portion of both retail and service business. This means that a customer in Saskatchewan can shift his or her business from a vendor in San Diego to one in Stuttgart, St. Petersburg, or Shanghai with little more than a mouse-click.

The ease with which customers can defect means that all vendors – brick-and-mortar or online – need to pull all the stops when it comes to keeping their customers satisfied.

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