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Sticking With It Part 2


The subject is sticking with it when you’re dealing with a tough job that you really don’t want to have to tackle – like talking to unhappy customers and resolving their problems.

Compechek’s ASK-LISTEN-RETAIN system is designed to make sure that that kind of difficult task does get handled, and that it gets handled the right way.

Its customer retention management program is divided into three basic stages:

  • First, Compechek’s survey-takers ask customers the right questions when they do a client satisfaction survey – questions designed to detect and identify problems which customers may not bring up on their own, but which may still be bothering them. These are the kind of problems that you need to identify and handle, because even though customers may not want to talk about them, they still affect the way that those customers feel about your business – and what they say to other people about your business.
  • Second, the ALR system recognizes problems in the survey results: low customer satisfaction scores, negative keywords, statements by customers describing problems, and survey taker notes indicating a suspected problem. When the system recognizes a customer problem, it automatically sends e-mail notification to the employee responsible for contacting the customer and resolving the problem – for example, the manager of the store at which the customer does business. The message tells the store manager that the customer has a problem, and includes a link to the record of that customer’s survey responses, which will include a description of the problem. The ALR system tells the store manager that he or she has a limited amount of time (for example, two weeks) to view the customer record and begin the process of resolving the problem.
  • Third, the ALR system keeps track of the store manager (or other responsible employee’s) actions. If the store manager ignores the first message and does not view the customer’s record in time, the system will automatically notify the store manager’s district or regional manager (and optionally, higher managers as well). If the store manager does not send a message to the customer regarding the problem within the required time, higher managers are also notified, and if the store manager attempts to close the case without resolving the customer’s problem, the ALR system will send notification to higher managers about that.

In other words, the ALR system monitors the store manager’s actions, and requires the store manager to resolve customer problems in a timely manner. By consistently enforcing responsibility toward customer problems, the ALR system can actually turn responsible behavior into a habit.

If you would like to know more about how the ASK LISTEN RETAIN System or how it can help create customer retention and loyalty, please contact us.