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The Quick and the Out-of-Business Part 1


In tough times, there are two kinds of businesses: those that are quick to respond to the needs and concerns of customers, and those that probably won’t be in business for very long. You need to make sure that your business is in the first category, and not the second. One of the best ways to do this is to take frequent surveys for customer satisfaction , and have a system in place for rapid alerts and immediate response.

Any system to measure customer satisfaction is only useful if you take action on what you find. How many failed businesses could have “Took Surveys, But Didn’t Act On Them” written on their tombstones? Far too many!

It’s so easy to do nothing in response to the results of a consumer satisfaction survey – just file it away for “later” (you know that “later” – it’s the later that never comes), or if you do take action, confine it to cosmetic changes that won’t rock the boat, like rearranging the potted plants in the lobby, or relocating the front desk.

And that happens because so often, nothing is the easiest thing to do – unless there’s a system in place to make something happen. Customer surveys need to go hand-in-hand with a system for quick, effective, and appropriate response.

That means that the surveys themselves need to include questions which can identify specific problems which individual customers have with your business. So the first step is this:

  • Find out from each customer being surveyed whether he or she has encountered any kind of problem in doing business with you. Professional survey takers such as those at Compechek know how to ask the kind of questions which will bring out any problems that the customer hasn’t mentioned. And that includes customers who have given up on even mentioning the problems they’ve encountered, because they don’t think anyone will ever do anything about them. These “unhappy, but given up and not talking about it” customers are like slow leaks in the bottom of a boat – you may not see them, but you need to find them and take care of them before you sink.
  • Quickly alert the manager who can solve the problem. When a customer describes a specific, unresolved problem with your business, it’s not just another statistic to be included in a report. It’s a real-time, real-customer problem that needs immediate action – and the survey system needs to have a mechanism in place to automatically set that action going.

We’ll take a look at how that works in Part 2 of The Quick and the Out-of-Business.

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