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The Quick and the Out-of-Business Part 2


You know that in client satisfaction surveys , along with the usual customer satisfaction survey questions , your survey takers need to identify individual customers who have specific problems with your business, and that your survey system needs to automatically get the ball rolling to solve those problems without any delay. So how does that work? It starts with notification:

  • Send e-mail alerts to the appropriate managers. When survey results are entered into Compechek’s ASK-LISTEN-RETAIN system, if there are any problems which need action, the system automatically sends notification y e-mail to the responsible manager, and any higher-ranking managers who have requested notification. An alert will say that there is a problem that requires action, provide a link to the customer’s record (which includes a description of the problem, along with contact information), and tell the manager responsible for solving it that he or she has a limited amount of time in which to contact the customer and begin the process of resolving it. And every time an alert is sent, it becomes part of the ALR system’s record for that customer, which leads into the next phase:
  • Enforce manager responsibility. When the manager responsible for solving a customer problem (typically a store manger), receives an alert, he or she must view the customer’s record within a set time period. If the manager fails to view the record within that time period, the ALR system will automatically notify higher-up managers of the store manager’s failure to act. After viewing the record, the store manager must then contact the customer, take whatever action is needed to resolve the problem, and post a description of that action and the result in the customer’s record, Failure to do this will also result in notification of higher-level managers. This means that customer problems don’t get ignored, don’t get buried under a pile of “more important things to do,” and don’t get put on the shelf. They get resolved, and if no resolution is possible, that goes on the customer’s record. Everything is on record, and everything is available to the highest-ranking managers.

This means that problems that might never have come to light (because the customer was too discouraged to even talk about it, or simply didn’t know who to mention it to) are now clearly and completely described, on record, and most importantly, resolved quickly.

And customers whose hidden dissatisfaction and unhappiness with your business were previously eating away at your profits and at your customer base have been transformed into happy and loyal customers – who are likely to tell friends and colleagues about the first-rate treatment that they received form your business. That’s how to retain a customer!

If you would like to know more about how the ASK LISTEN RETAIN System or how it can help create customer retention and loyalty, please contact us.