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Under the Surface Part 2


How do customers decide whether they’re going to continue to do business with you, or look for another store?

It would be nice, of course, if they were to let you in on the decision, and give you a chance at trying some of your best customer retention strategies, but all too often, this is exactly the kind of thing that goes on below the surface and in the dark, where you can’t see it.

And what do customers say to friends, colleagues, other potential customers, about your store? Do they recommend it? Are they happy with the products you carry, and enthusiastic about the quality of the service that they receive from you? Or do they talk about unresolved problems, poor service, and unhelpful customer support staff?

Is it, “Yes – I’d definitely recommend them!”

Or is it:

“Well, I don’t want to say anything bad, but you know how it is when people don’t come through. I’ve had some problems with them that didn’t get taken care of, and I really hate calling their customer service people…”

These are the conversations that almost always go on out of your earshot, where you can’t step in and try to resolve problems, or talk about all of the good and positive things that your store does.

You can’t be there – but you can influence what your customers say about your business. After all, what a customer says about your business is based on that customer’s experience with your business. An unsolved problem is an unsolved problem – and that’s what people are going to hear about. But if you can turn that unsolved problem into a solved problem, that’s what people are going to her about – and they’re going to hear it from a happy customer.

Once again, this is where client satisfaction surveys conducted by professional survey-taking companies such as Compechek are indispensable. Well-thought-out customer satisfaction survey questions can catch that kind of customer unhappiness and give you a chance to and take care of it.

And a once-unhappy customer who is now a happy customer is some of the best advertising that any business can have:

“They’re great! For a while, I had a few problems, but they went out of their way to contact me and find out what was wrong, and they took care of every one of those problems – I mean they walked them through! And they’ve been really good ever since! They’ve got the best service anywhere!”

You can turn those unhappy customers around – if you use the services of a company like Compechek to look below the surface.

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