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Your Business Customers Matter – Part 1


Do you sell your products and services directly to the public, or do you sell through retailers or distributors? It’s easy sometimes to think that if you have your retail customers – your end-users – satisfied, then you’re on top when it comes to customer relation management and customer service best practices.

But if you’re a manufacturer or a wholesaler, then you need to be just as concerned about your business customers as you are about your retail customers. After all, they’re the ones who control most of the pipeline from your warehouses to the retail customer, and if they aren’t happy with you or your products, then there may not be very much coming through that pipeline.

  • Each of your business customers is the key to hundreds or thousands of retail customers. Take a second to do a little back-of-the-envelope arithmetic: Divide the number of retail customers who’ve bought your roducts during the past year by the number of retailers (or distributors) who you sell directly to. What’s the result? If you’ve been in business for long enough to have a solid base of established retailers/distributors and end-user customers, that number will tell you just how valuable each retailer or distributor is to you, and how much their opinions and feelings about your company and your products count (or should count).
  • Your business customers are the ones who sell your products or services to the public. They are the ones on the front lines – the people who your retail customers see , talk with, listen to, and react to. If they aren’t happy with your products or services, then one way or another, that message is going to come across to the retail customer. And if they like you, that message is also going to come through, loud and clear.
  • The concerns of your business customers are not necessarily the same as those of your retail customers. Are your delivery people prompt, friendly, and cooperative? Are wholesale orders filled accurately? How do you handle returns? Things like these will probably mean a lot more to your retailers or distributors than any advertising campaign or change in packaging design.

So when it comes to customer satisfaction feedback , give at least as much thought to your retailers and distributors as you do to your retail customers. Compechek’s professional survey specialists are very experienced in measuring business-to-business customer satisfaction, and have a very clear understanding of the issues which can arise between manufacturers/wholesalers and their distributors/retailers. They can help you keep that pipeline from your warehouses to your retail customers trouble-free.

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