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Losing and Keeping Customers

It’s always worthwhile to take a closer look at statistics, and see what they actually mean. Consider the following statistical tidbits (both from McKinsey): An average company loses between 10 – 30% of its customers annually, and Only 12% of current marketing spend is on customer retention. It would be easy to look at those …


Loyal Customers Have The Added Value of 10 Sales

What is the value of a happy customer? Is that something that can even be measured, let alone easily? Perhaps the best way to measure the value of customer happiness is by understanding how happy customers actually behave. If all they do is smile when they’re standing in the checkout line, that still has some …


Walking Past A Gold Mine Part 1

Are you walking right by a gold mine every day without even recognizing it? Don’t say it couldn’t happen, because it does happen – even to very smart and very experienced business owners. If you saw something that could be of value to your business – an opportunity, an unmet need, a chance to save …


Under the Surface Part 2

How do customers decide whether they’re going to continue to do business with you, or look for another store? It would be nice, of course, if they were to let you in on the decision, and give you a chance at trying some of your best customer retention strategies, but all too often, this is …


The Quick and the Out-of-Business Part 2

You know that in client satisfaction surveys , along with the usual customer satisfaction survey questions , your survey takers need to identify individual customers who have specific problems with your business, and that your survey system needs to automatically get the ball rolling to solve those problems without any delay. So how does that …


Retaining vs. Replacing Customers Part 3

Let’s talk a little bit more about word-of-mouth. Here’s the plain truth: Word of mouth isn’t just word of mouth any more. It’s no longer just a casual street corner conversation, or a casual mention at a business lunch. People don’t just say things – they post them on Facebook, in their blogs, on business …


What is a Customer?

A customer is the most important person in any business. A customer is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. A customer is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. A customer does us a favor when he comes in. We aren’t doing him a favor by waiting …


Jobber’s Installer Retention Program

We can transform your jobber business from the ever present threat of losing installers and retail customers to the competition based on price or perceived poor service… And not only retaining them but actually increasing their sales and at even greater profit margins! Our goal is to take help jobbers, those with 1 location or …


Customer Satisfaction and Retention Statistics

During the course of my normal business dealings, I often come across customer satisfaction and customer retention statistics posted by various studies and whitepapers. Some of these stats seem to be common knowledge and don’t surprise me, while others are bold statements and I wonder if they reflect what business owners experience during their every …