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Customer Choice and Customer Loyalty – Part 3

Analysis, action, and results — these are the ingredients that make a customer experience survey into a powerful market-building tool. Analysis You should have quick, easy access to top-level, system-wide reports, with full drill-down to regions, districts, and individual stores. And at all of these levels, you need to see the strong points and the …


Customer Choice and Customer Loyalty – Part 2

The first step toward building customer loyalty is to find out what your customers are thinking. In-store consumer satisfaction survey cards and online survey forms are a good start. They’ll give the customers who are actively looking for a way to give you feedback a chance to speak to you directly. But they’re only a …


Customer Choice and Customer Loyalty – Part 1

You can run an expensive advertising campaign trying to convince the world that you put the customer first, and that quality is (as one famous ad campaign put it) “Job 1,” but if you don’t deliver genuine customer satisfaction and genuine quality, you’re just wasting your money. And why is that? Because all of the …