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1st impressions often based on phone interactions

For many businesses, the first, and often the only impression their customers have of the business is the one generated by the people they talk to on the telephone. Here are some of the most common customer frustrations and some quick tips on how to improve customer satisfaction while dealing with your staff & customers …


Retaining vs. Replacing Customers Part 1

Replacing customers who you’ve already lost and retaining your existing customers are interchangeable strategies, because one customer is not just like another. Let’s take a closer look at the actual cost of losing customers and replacing them: First of all, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to find a replacement for each …


Customer Choice and Customer Loyalty – Part 2

The first step toward building customer loyalty is to find out what your customers are thinking. In-store consumer satisfaction survey cards and online survey forms are a good start. They’ll give the customers who are actively looking for a way to give you feedback a chance to speak to you directly. But they’re only a …


How to RETAIN a customer in TOUGH economy?

Businesses are increasingly under pressure not only to get new customers but also to retain existing ones. Retaining existing customers is important because research has shown that existing customers are not only more cost effective to keep than new ones but are also five times more profitable than new customers. So from a cost and …