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1-on-1 CSI Consultation

How to get the most from your customer feedback data


What will be covered in the 30 minute consultation? 
  1. What is the ‘Net Promoter Score’?
  2. Viewing your customer groupings – Promoters, Passives, Detractors
  3. Reviewing a single customer survey
  4. Reviewing responses by question:
    • Where are you doing well as far as customer satisfaction
    • Where should attention be given
  5. Finding data in questions that have no score shown:
    • Valuable graphs
    • Comments left at a question level
    • View all option
  6. Comments left that are positive and negative in nature
  7. Working with notifications:
    • The 4 notification types
    • The recommended 4 step systematic process
    • Communicating with your customers
  8. Other ASK LISTEN RETAIN features:
    • Generate online reporting
    • Using positive notifications to inspire staff
    • Your Google pages – customers are encouraged to leave feedback
  9. Advanced (if time permits) – GAP Analysis explanation and review of your data