Consumer Feedback – C2B

Are you looking to elevate your proactive customer engagement strategies while simultaneously enhancing your social media presence? If the answer is a resounding yes, then ASK LISTEN RETAIN's customer satisfaction surveys could be the solution you've been searching for!

In a recent survey encompassing around 2,000 professionals, a striking 46% expressed their intent to prioritize customer experience over the next five years. In contrast, only 21% indicated a focus on pricing, with 34% centering their attention on product-related aspects. This underscores the importance of understanding what customers are saying about your business, particularly for small enterprises seeking to compete with larger counterparts.

For automotive 'Jobbers' and 'Installers,' it's a known fact that unhappy customers often remain silent and simply choose not to return. Astonishingly, just 1 out of 26 dissatisfied customers will vocalize their grievances. ASK LISTEN RETAIN's automotive aftermarket customer retention system equips your business to detect potential customer service issues, boost staff motivation, and garner more Google reviews, all without the complexity of creating intricate surveys or spreadsheets.

Initiating the practice of soliciting feedback from customers can fundamentally transform your business dynamics. Instead of relying on guesswork to determine customer preferences, feedback provides precise insights into areas that require attention and highlights those already performing exceptionally well. Delivering a high-quality customer service experience invariably leads to repeat business and valuable referrals.

Advantages of ASK LISTEN RETAIN's Online & Mobile Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

  1. Pre-designed surveys save time on planning and software implementation, seamlessly integrating with most other programs.
  2. Enjoy FREE customer support.
  3. Customize surveys with your logo and receive a personalized URL.
  4. Unlimited responses are available at no additional cost.
  5. We support multiple languages, including English, French, and Spanish.
  6. Real-time customer feedback results provide instant insights.
  7. Receive notifications about dissatisfied customers requiring your attention.
  8. Stay informed about delighted customers, enabling you to share the positive feedback with your team!