Don’t allow unhappy customers slip away unnoticed

If you put pen to paper and wrote out all the expenses you incur by having to find a new customer (ie advertising, promotions, discounts) versus keeping an existing customer happy (ie exceeding customer service expectations, doing things better than your competition), you will find that there is no question that attracting new customers impacts your bottom line more than satisfying existing customers


Stop strengthening your competition with your past customers

Unhappy customers don’t come back. In fact, the next time a situation occurs where they need to use your business, they will make an effort to avoid walking through your door. That means your competition will get their dollars and your bottom line will suffer. If you can acknowledge and manage unhappy customers immediately, you can avoid them checking out your competition.


Get more Google, Yelp reviews online

It used to be when you needed something, you would ask friends or family for referrals. If they didn’t like a business, you wouldn’t go to that business. If they got a deal and had a great experience at a business, you would check them out. Today, we use online reviews like we used to use our family and friends. They are a way to be a fly on the wall when other people use that business. You want more reviews. You want more POSITIVE reviews. If you don’t have a plan to do that, you are running the risk of turning people away.

Smiling mechanic using a tablet pc at the repair garage

The needs of your customer are constantly changing

If 2021 taught us anything it is that the world can change rapidly. The needs of your customers are no different. At one time a handshake was an important part of any transaction. Today that is not recommended. At one time, you needed to have a listing in the phone book to be recognized as legitimate. Today a user-friendly website is a must. If you don’t have a way to start recognizing trends and understanding what your customer’s expectations are, you will be too far behind when you finally realize the error.


Improve staff morale by highlighting positive comments from your customers

People work harder if you praise positive behavior. Pointing out all the things a staff member is doing wrong will have them looking for a new job before their shift ends but pointing out something positive makes them feel good about the job they are doing and makes them want to look for ways to get praise again. This is why praise from customers is so powerful. Getting one positive comment from a customer encourages more behavior that elicits praise. Our CSI program will ensure you capture positive comments and can use them as motivation.

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Help with training and customer retention

Do you just take for granted that your training program is good enough? Do you assume that the customer sales experience is amazing? If you don’t get information directly from your customers, how do you know that you are training your staff to give amazing customer service? The feedback your customers give you can point out areas in your training program that need to be enhanced. It can also generate relevant feedback that can make your business better. You really cannot rely on haphazard questions your customer when they are paying for a product at the till, to give you accurate, actionable information.

What type of CUSTOMER FEEDBACK are you looking for?