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ALR Principles

ALR Principles

Our Team

Peter Kmyta
President of Compechek Market Research
[email protected]

Peter Kmyta is the founder of ASK LISTEN RETAIN – a tool for our corporate customers to receive and then systematicly work with their customer feedback.

Peter’s background in the tech industry brings the latest advances in customer feedback technologies to his company and product offerings. With 25 years in business, Peter understands that quality customer service is key to future business growth. In today’s social media environment with the risk of poor customer service experiences going viral on the web, businesses need to listen to their customers needs and concerns more than any other time in the business world.

When the processes outlined in ASK LISTEN RETAIN are followup, Peter’s clients get the most out of every customer feedback given, either positive or negative. The processes help bring detractors of a business, into being promoters by customer communication and building of management and customer relationships.

Peter’s goal is to help improve the bottom line of each of his corporate clients through improved customer experiences and relationshps.

Norm Rose
VP of Customer Service and Sales Training
[email protected]

Norm Rose is president of Excel Sales Consulting, providing sales, customer service and leadership training to industry and organization managers and employees around the world since starting his company in 2001.

Applying 30 years of sales experience and expertise, Norm has trained thousands of sales professionals, developing customized workshops and materials for each client. His passion for instilling a competitive edge in sales teams is the basis for developing long lasting relationships with both colleagues and customers.

Norm’s live courses and online training programs have been developed through personal experience in both sales and sales management and through extensive research and collaboration with industry leaders in manufacturing, distribution, company-owned and franchised retail stores, and service providers. His high-energy classes include interactive training in the complete sales process, team building, and ongoing customer service.

Norm has worked in sales and sales management his entire career. He has become an expert in tailoring training to meet specific clients’ needs, providing his students with the right resources to become outstanding sales and customer service professionals – confidently and soundly beating the competition.

When best practices are implemented the overall professionalism is enhanced. This results in creating a distinct advantage over the competition. Norm’s goal is to build a long lasting mutually respectful partnership with the ultimate goal of creating overall positive results for every individual within the companies he trains.

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