ALR Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Survey

ALR Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Survey

Benefits Of Using Thumbs Up/Down Survey

Instead of just asking if your customers are happy, a thumbs up/down survey can give you real-time feedback from customers, which you can use to tailor the way that you do business.

It’s often difficult for people to tell you exactly what they want from a service or product. If someone is dissatisfied, they might not know how to express what was wrong with the process or why it wasn’t a good fit. On the other hand, someone might be satisfied but still have ideas for how things could be done better. That’s why a thumbs up/down survey is the best way to gather feedback and make improvements to your company.

A Thumbs survey experience your customers will enjoy:

  • Quick and easy for your customers
  • Green thumbs up takes the customer directly to your business’s Google Review page – just 2 clicks
  • Yellow and Red thumbs offers the customer to go to the full survey to determine customer needs to be addressed
  • ASK LISTEN RETAIN’s portal shows all reviews, good, bad and the ugly in the LISTEN page
  • Google reviews are automatically uploaded to your business website for others to see – optional
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