Customer Feedback Program for Automotive Aftermarket


In a competitive marketplace where social media has given the customer voice center stage, now more than ever it’s critical to know exactly what your customers think. Engaging your customers from the inside out and making sure everyone in your company shares the same vision are both vital components to the health and success of your business.
A customized set of questions are co-designed by ALR’s survey development specialists and your management team. The goal is to identify the key areas of importance which are currently affecting your customer satisfaction and customer retention.
Ultimately, ASKING your customers key questions will help drive the growth of your business.


Because a mountain of data does you no good if it doesn’t help you take action, ALR’s Compechek system helps you use your data to make decisions you can be confident in.  The large amounts of comments that could be collected during the survey process, can be analysed in such a way that insights can be gained to improve the efficacy and efficiency of business operations.
LISTEN by Word Mining:
When specific words are used by your customers during the survey process, you get a window into their emotional mind set. To help you LISTEN in a structured format and making sense of the volume of comments recorded, words are automatically categorized as POSITIVE or NEGATIVE emotionally charged comments. A third comment type is also classified as KEYWORDS that have been identified as important for feedback purposes.
LISTEN by Advanced Reporting:
ALR’s Compechek system makes it easy to get a bird’s-eye view of your survey responses by using advanced analyzing and reporting. We also offer advanced reports for serious data analysis addicts like ourselves.


Based on one of four conditions: 1) low scoring survey results 2) certain answers given to specific questions 3) negative comments made during the survey 4) the customer requested to be contacted, the Compechek program will automatically generate email alerts to point out a possibly unhappy or disengaged customer. These alerts notify the store managers about the survey, giving them the opportunity to reach out to the customer and deal with the issue at hand in a timely fashion. This is the first step in building customer loyalty through strengthening the manager and customer relationship.
As the store manager resolves customer concerns or issues, the outcome is diarized for all management levels to see within the organization. Transparency and accountability of all your valued customer’s concerns and solutions, at all management levels, is achieved