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Bypassing WS.Reputation.1

Bypassing WS.Reputation.1

File Insight WS.Reputation.1

WS.Reputation.1 can be bypassed for your TRACS CSI install by following these steps to bypass Norton’s file detection.

1. Open your Norton Antivirus program.
2. Go to Task > Check Security History.
3. Select the Quarantine from the drop-down menu.
4. You will see the affected file listed in there. Restore it and exclude from future scans. It is all there in the Options.

Another alternative of bypassing WS.Reputation.1:

If you have Norton security products installed on your system you may have seen a notification like the one on the screenshot above. It basically notifies you that the file has been classified as WS.Reputation.1 by Norton and that it has been removed as a consequence.

So how do you get the file back at this stage? You need to click on the options button in the window which leads to the following program window.

Here you need to click on the restore button to move the file out of quarantine to the system.

If you do not want to make use of the system at all, you can disable it in the following way:

  • Open the main Norton interface and click on the advanced link there
  • Locate Download Intelligence and switch it to off

You can turn off the feature for a limited amount of time or permanently.

Closing Words

The core idea of Symantec’s reputation engine makes a lot of sense, but the implementation is flawed as it is generating too many false positives when running.