Client feedback, don’t take it personally, make it personal…

Client feedback, don’t take it personally, make it personal…

“Don’t take negative feedback personally”

Getting positive feedback is a confidence booster and a pleasant experience, whereas negative feedback can be challenging to handle. This is especially true for hardworking individuals who dedicate their time and effort to their business, only to receive harsh feedback from a customer satisfaction survey. So, while it’s easy to advise not to take negative feedback personally, it can be harder to implement in real-life situations.  This is where the RETAIN page of ASK LISTEN RETAIN comes into play.

4 step plan to respond to negative reviews effectively

In summary, an alert e-mail notification will be sent to the front-line manager due to an alert being created for one of the four following reasons:

  1. There was a lower survey score than set by head office as an acceptable standard
  2. There were Negative words used in the comment, such as SLOW, LATE or UNPROFESSIONAL
  3. There was an answer to a certain question that triggered an alert, for example, “Was your vehicle treated with the respect it deserves?” and if the answer was ‘NO’.  This would cause an alert.
  4. The customer requested to be contacted by a manager.

This is a powerful mechanism that gives the customer ability to get the attention they deserve.

The Moral
Using the ASK LISTEN RETAIN process, negative responses will be isolated for your special attention.  Using email and text notifications, you will hear the voice of a possibly disengaged customer.  If you don’t take negative feedback personally and follow the closed loop process, and, you will no doubt turn a detractor (unhappy customer) into a promoter (a raving fan of your store)!


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