Restaurant (Customer Service) Satisfaction Surveys

Restaurant (Customer Service) Satisfaction Surveys

Ask Listen Retain - Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys

How many times have you gone to an expensive restaurant and left feeling that you did not get your moneys worth? Service satisfaction surveys provide valuable customer feedback on perceived value for services rendered.

As more companies realize that higher levels of service reap higher profits, measuring service satisfaction levels becomes exceptionally more important. The simplest way to determine whether you customers/clients value your service is to ask them. An online survey is the quickest and most cost effective way to measure customer satisfaction.

Survey Goals

Knowing where your business or organization is falling short in providing quality service gives apt “direction” to the management for planning a quality improvement program. Companies that listen hard and respond quickly increase their “bottom line”. Knowing what you customers expect from your service and the value they associate with it will provide valuable information that will effect company decisions. Recommendation through word-of-mouth, cross-selling, can greatly impact your financial returns.

The more specific your goal, the easier it will be to measure. Here are some sample goals commonly measured:

  • Quality of service
  • Speed of service
  • Value of service

Survey Questions

Service satisfaction questions should be geared towards improving services provided by your organization. The beauty of online surveys, that include customer satisfaction and client satisfaction surveys is that they ask standard questions ensuring that you will collect the same information from everyone. Keep your questions short and succinct. Most people are busy and will not be interested in filling out a survey. Letting them know up front that the survey should only take a few minutes and that completing it is an attempt to find out how you can better serve them will make them feel less put upon and increase response rate.

Remember not to ask loaded questions that can sway a respondent’s answer. Also avoid double-barreled questions, broad questions, and the use of double negatives. Refer to our Survey Question page for common survey mistakes.

If you do not know your customer base, you may want to start your survey with some demographic questions such as gender, age range, income level, marital status and zip code to build a profile of your “typical” customer. Knowing who your customer is will allow you to develop targeted marketing campaigns. Assure your respondents that all information is confidential and will not be shared with third parties. This too will help increase your response rate.

Always keep your goal in mind when asking a question. Avoid any questions that stray from your objective.

Sample Survey Questions
  • How easy is it for you to contact us?
  • How quickly were you served?
  • Was the service representative courteous?
  • Was the service representative knowledgeable?
  • Did the service representative understand your request?
  • Did the service representative deliver the service requested?
  • Do you have any specific service complaints that were not addressed?
Questions could also pertain to the environment or culture. These questions could be related to noise level, cleanliness, comfort, etc. For example:
  • Did you find the accommodations pleasing
  • Was the bed comfortable
  • Was the atmosphere relaxing
  • Was the area clean

Scales are a great way to allow your customers to easily measure their satisfaction level with your service. Use one of our Likert Scales to rate level of satisfaction on a scale of 0-10 or 0-5 or use our Star Rating question type.

Take action

Don’t let your efforts fall by the way-side. A delay in organizational response or no action can lead to decreased morale and lower overall satisfaction. Implementing an action planning process soon after analyzing data is paramount. Finally, ensure that leadership and management have clearly communicated changes made as a result of the survey.


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