Course Description:

This customized course enables delivery drivers to complete a personal self-evaluation to identify their individual strengths and areas of opportunity to improve. This supports not only the customer but also the efforts of the inside and outside sales teams. Key areas such as attitude teamwork, communication skills, organization skills, image, creating a positive impression and best practices when delivery products are addressed in this online course.

Training Objectives:

  • Understanding how important their role is within the company
  • Being aware of the impact delivery drivers can have on customer support and loyalty
  • Develop and maintain a positive attitude
  • Create a friendly experience with both customers and co-workers
  • Best practices in delivery skills
  • Enhance organizational processes
  • Maximize co-worker and customer relationships
  • Create a distinct advantage over the competition
  • Enhance overall customer service skills to ultimately create happy, long lasting and loyal customers

The participant will be able to:

  • Evaluate their current personal and professional skills
  • Learn how to maintain a positive attitude
  • Improve communication skills
  • Understand how to handle difficult customers and complaints
  • Learn how to project a professional image
  • Support outside and inside sales through professional service
  • Understand the significant role of delivery drivers
  • Develop a personal and professional plan to achieve goals