Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Ask Listen Retain - Employee Satisfaction Surveys

So you’re ready to solicit feedback from your employee’s through an employee opinion survey. Measuring employee satisfaction is a vital practice that can greatly aid in identifying crucial areas of improvement.

Measuring satisfaction can also assist in sustaining initiates, plans and benefits that are already highly regarded by employees. High levels of employee satisfaction can lead to increased engagement, employee tenure and overall commitment organization goals.

Survey Goals

Prior to conducting an employee satisfaction survey, leadership must first establish agreed upon survey goals. Is your organization conducting this survey to help improve employee relations and increase employee satisfaction? If so, what action will be taken as a result of this survey? Asking leadership these fundamental questions will assist in establishing measurable goals and objectives for the survey.

Educate and engage leadership in the importance of the entire process. Measuring employee satisfaction isn’t just about the survey. The survey itself is just the tool to measure the data. Taking steps to correct actionable items will be the key to success in your company employee survey, so getting leadership on board with the process is a necessary step.

Explain the intent of the survey. Having a clear reason for conducting the survey will ensure that employees don’t begin to gossip about intent. Have leadership and managers proactively speak about why the survey is important and what they plan on doing with the data after it is collected.

Survey Questions

Ask the right questions. Carefully considering the questions that will be asked is a vital step in the process. Some organizations form small committees that have equal department representation. The committees can work together to discuss and decide the most appropriate questions. Additionally, organization will reference question banks to assist in the creation of the survey. A poorly planned survey can lead to unactionable data, decreased morale, and loss of trust among employee.

Below are examples of some question you may use in a typical employee opinion survey:
  • I am satisfied with the pay for the work I do.
  • The job training I received well prepared me for my position.
  • Safety is important to this organization.
  • I am satisfied with my current work schedule.
  • I feel that I am able to express my opinions.
  • I feel that I can offer my opinions without fear of retribution.

Take action

Don’t let your efforts fall by the way-side. A delay in organizational response or no action can lead to decreased morale and lower overall satisfaction. Implementing an action planning process soon after analyzing data is paramount. Finally, ensure that leadership and management have clearly communicated changes made as a result of the survey.

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