Event Satisfaction Surveys

Event Satisfaction Surveys

Ask Listen Retain - Event Satisfaction Surveys

Did your event live up to your expectations? More importantly, did your event live up to the expectations of the attendees, vendors and exhibitors? Don’t waste time speculating if your event was a success or not when you have the ability to simply ask with an event satisfaction survey.

Survey Goals

Event satisfaction surveys allow you to understand how the attendees, vendors and exhibitors perceived your event. The data collected in an event satisfaction survey helps you understand where your event excelled and where it needed improvement. Event satisfaction surveys give you insight into every aspect of your event, and understanding the different elements help you plan a more successful and well-attended event in the future.

Survey Questions

An event satisfaction survey is the easiest and most organized way to retain feedback from your attendees. There are a variety of question types, including the likert scale question type and the drag and drop ranking question that provide an interactive and systematic way to obtain feedback about your event or meeting.

A likert scale question allows the survey taker to easily rate a question on a scale of such as “1 to 10” or “Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree”

The drag and drop ranking question type is another simple way for your respondents to rank a list of items. This interactive question lets the respondent visually see their choices and rearrange if necessary. The rating question type also has the ability to switch to a Table Ranking question type, making it user-friendly for screen readers.

The event satisfaction survey is fully customizable, giving you the ability to ask any question you see suitable.

Your event satisfaction survey may contain questions including:
  • What were you hoping to get out of attending this event/meeting?
  • Were your expectation met?
  • Did you like the location of the event?
  • Was the location, date, time, etc. of the location convenient?
  • Did you enjoy the food/ catering at the event?
  • How did this event compare to other similar events?
  • How likely are you to attend future events?
  • Was the instructor knowledgeable on the subject matter?

Using the event satisfaction survey you can also inquire as to where the respondent initially heard of your event. This will identify which marketing campaigns proved to be more successful than another and allow you to streamline future marketing efforts and reduce costs.

The event satisfaction survey is the perfect way to review event speakers and presenters. Discover if your attendees found the speaker to be well informed and entertaining or if they thought the topic and/or presenter was dry and unmemorable. It is your attendee’s opinion that ultimately matters, and the insight they provide will improve the speaker and presentation portion of future events.

A likert scale question can assist in determining the attendee’s true opinion of the event’s speakers and presenters. Because a likert scale question allows the respondent to answer on a sliding scale, your survey will generate a more accurate review than if you simply asked a yes or no question.

The event satisfaction survey can be used for a variety of meetings and events including webinars. The event satisfaction survey gives you instant feedback on your webinar and allows you to answer questions that may not have been addressed.

For many events including conferences, expos and tradeshows, the quality of exhibitors is what drives attendance. The event satisfaction survey gives you the opportunity to collect important information from your vendors and exhibitors to ensure they found value in participating in your event.

The following are questions for exhibitors and vendors that you can incorporate in an event satisfaction survey.
  • As a vendor did you find the event to be of value to you and your business?
  • Were the attendees the correct target audience for your business?
  • Do you believe participating in this event was worth your time and/or money?
  • Has business increased as a direct result of participating in this event?
  • Will you be participating next year?
  • As a vendor what would you like us to change for next year?

Take action

Don’t let your efforts fall by the way-side. A delay in organizational response or no action can lead to decreased morale and lower overall satisfaction. Implementing an action planning process soon after analyzing data is paramount. Finally, ensure that leadership and management have clearly communicated changes made as a result of the survey.

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