Individual or Bulk SMS/MMS (Multi-Media) Text Survey Invitations

Individual or Bulk SMS/MMS (Multi-Media) Text Survey Invitations

Capture your customer’s attention on the channel that’s unmissable.

Why are text survey invitations so effective?

SMS or MMS multi-media messaging unlocks a powerful combination of strong reach and engagement, quick delivery, ease of use and low cost. This makes it a very effective  tool to reach your intended audience and increase customer feedback.

Not convinced?  Here are 5 more reasons why SMS is so effective for getting more customer feedback.

  1. Lightning fast messaging
    Cut straight through to your customers almost instantly.
  2. 98% open rate
    Forget email’s 20-30% open rate, when you send texts they are almost always read.
  3. Reach anywhere
    90% of people worldwide own a mobile device. Not all handsets are smart, but they all receive SMS.
  4. Low cost
    Only a few cents per message, pay only for what you use.
  5. Easy to set up

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Peter Kmyta