Inside Sales with ‘Bad Humour’ and then with the ‘Correct Approach’

Maximizing Your Potential

A live 2 or 3 day course, with 8 hours of training per day plus a strategic follow up plan. This course is also availble online or in a full virtual training series.

This is an interactive course specifically for Managers, Assistant Managers, and Owners of companies. This course focuses on how to develop, coach, motivate, and measure the sales and service performance of your organization.

Course Objectives:

This course will equip the participant with skills to effectively guide employee's with necessary tools to provide the best sales and customer service standards. To motivate the participants to immediately implement the tools they have learned. Increase sales, efficiency and productivity.

Who Should Attend:

Store Owner, Sales Managers, Operations Managers, and Key Management Personnel responsible for inside and outside sales team.

Managers will be able to:

  • Coaching Techniques
  • Guiding Employee's to Achieve Sales & Customer Service Goals
  • Measuring & Benchmarking Your Outside Sales Employees’ Performance
  • Measuring & Benchmarking Your Inside Sales Employees’ Performance
  • Viewing Your Sales Performance From Your Customer’s Perspective
  • Creating a Positive Workplace For Employee's
  • Planning and Conducting Productive and collaborative Meetings
  • Set clear and defined goals that have overall consistent expectations and standards related to sales and customer service
  • Learn how to become a better leader to improve employee performance
  • Set effective sales and customer service goals to increase customer sales and sales performance
  • Clarify exactly how your sales & service efforts are perceived from your customers view
  • Create a positive work environment that will enhance productivity and performance
  • Plan and execute productive staff and sales meetings
  • With their team, implement goals to enhance the business resulting in continuous positive change

Manager Process Steps

Module 1 – The Power of a Positive Mindset

  • Techniques in maintaining a daily positive attitude, teamwork and self-motivation
  • Coaching a positive growth mindset
  • Tips and techniques on how to keep your team motivated

Module 2 – Goal Setting

  • How to set individual business goals – develop action plans for each goal clearly defining the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals
  • Collaborative team goal setting – Prioritizing and setting specific team goals

Module 3 – Organizational Leadership Skills

  • Task management – How to effectively manage tasks, set daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly objectives for yourself and your team members
  • Tips and techniques to keeping your team focused and organized

Module 4 – Customer Relationship Building Skills – Creating The Ultimate Customer Experience

  • Communication Strategies: effective listening skills, e-mail and texting etiquette
  • How to collaborate and effectively work with external company employee partners to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Professional phone manners
  • How to manage difficult people
  • Steps to solve customer complaints
  • How to consistently maintain a professional image
  • Create best practices for customer service

Module 5 – One-On-One Coaching Techniques And One-On-One Employee

  • Tips and techniques on how to motivate others
  • One on one coaching techniques
  • Planning and conducting productive team meetings
  • Strategically set goals to enhance overall employee performance
  • Measure individual employee performance through one on one employee evaluations

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Enhance managerial and leadership skills
  • Learn how to become a better coach to motivate and improve employee performance
  • Build team morale
  • Strategically set goals to enhance overall employee productivity and performance
  • Measure department and individual employee performance
  • Create company consistencies related to business development strategies and service
  • Create a positive work environment that will enhance productivity and performance
  • Plan and execute productive staff and sales meetings and set measurable collaborative goals
  • Increase employee retention through job satisfaction

Resource included in the training:

  • Goal setting worksheets
  • Video demonstrations
  • Provide all department managers with a full toolbox of resources that they can relate to and be able to apply effectively everyday
  • Priority planning matrix worksheet
  • Team meeting templates
  • Coaching templates
  • Certificate upon completion of the training

Participant's learning will be measured by:

  • Managers will have one-on-one performance evaluations
  • Employee's will do a self-assessment
  • Accountabilities will be set by all management for students and employee's to set and track individual goals


"I learned the importance of getting "buy-in" from our employees and managers when making changes"

Tony Barnaba
Auto Finishers Supply Co.

"Thanks to his services, we have developed and enhanced our leadership team’s management and coaching skills and our internal teams’ professionalism. The result has been more satisfied and repeat customers"

John Bronderick
Trail Appliances

"It helped me work with my staff on goals, involve them more and learn about them and what they would like to accomplish, and the online videos relate to exactly what we do each day"

Jody Blood
Auto Value