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Mystery Calling Program

Mystery Calling Program

Ask Listen Retain - Highly Trained Mystery Callers

If you have one branch or locations across the country, you need to know how your staff are treating your valued customers. Compechek’s highly trained mystery callers & shoppers will keep your staff on their toes.

Since 1994, our Mystery Calling/Shopping Program has accurately monitored salesmanship, customer service and employee telephone skills; saving businesses time and money. Through easy-to-read data, clear graphics and concise reports, Compechek shows you how your doing in key areas of your operation, and gives you the information you need to maximize your business success.Whether you’re looking for an evaluation of a single outlet or multiple business locations, Compechek Market Research can help you outperform the competition and increase your market share by identifying powerful ways in which you can be recognized for quality in every aspect of your business.

Compechek’s Mystery Calling Program accurately monitors the quality of staff telephone skills, salesmanship and customer service that your valued customers experience when they call. Since 1994, Compechek has offered a proven system aimed at evaluating and enhancing employee performance, delivering results and leaving you free to take care of strategically targeted priorities.

Specific descriptors, clear graphics and 24/7 access to your data put all the information you need right at your fingertips. With the Compechek Mystery Calling Program, you’ll have quick access to regular reports that constructively critique the performance of your business and staff. You’ll know at a glance how you’re doing in key areas of your operation.

Compechek’s Mystery Calling Program will help to identify what is helping your business to grow, and to monitor what needs to be improved. We give you the information that you need to maximize your ROI through time-tested, profitable growth strategies and increase sales through evaluating critical factors such as employee-related customer satisfaction levels.

Taking advantage of our strategically designed reports and data, targeted to boost employee effectiveness, means that you’ll never again waste valuable time trying to figure out what is and isn’t working.

Mystery Calling Scoring Criteria Examples:

Proper Answering Technique:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Did initial staff use a formal greeting used? ex, Good morning
  • Did initial staff person state the company name?
  • Was the surveyed staff person present his/her name?

Callers Put on Hold:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Was the caller asked if it was OK to be put on hold?
  • Did the staff wait for a response from caller before placing on hold?
  • The longest time put on hold (# of seconds)?

Callers Were Transferred:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Was the caller told in advance that the call would be transferred and why?
  • Did the next staff person introduce himself?
  • Did the next staff person seem already informed about the callers needs?


Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Did staff listen carefully to what the caller was asking for?
  • Did staff person ask questions to help clarify the parts needed?
  • Was the sales experience interrupted at all, side conversations etc.?

Building a Report:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Did staff get the name of the caller to create a friendly experience?
  • Did the staff person ask any questions about caller to create relationship?
  • Did staff provide information without the client pushing for more information?

Getting a Commitment for the Sale:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Were prices quoted on the spot?
  • Were useful complimentary products offered? i.e. Add a line to the invoice!
  • Did the staff try to up sell to higher priced product and with explanation?

Giving Great Customer Service:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Did staff ask if you had any other needs today?
  • If items not in stock, did staff ask how soon product was needed?
  • Did staff make sure his explanations were understood?
  • Did the staff say THANK YOU for calling?

Mystery Calling Chart – Scoring a Mystery Call