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ASK LISTEN RETAIN – NAPA Tracs Introduction and Registration

ASK LISTEN RETAIN - Introduction and Registration

Introduction to ASK LISTEN RETAIN & Next Steps…

Welcome to this introduction video of NAPA TRACS new Customer Satisfaction program using the ASK LISTEN RETAIN process.  Within this video we discuss:

  • how your customers will learn about giving their feedback,
  • how you as a shop owner receive and review customer feedback
  • how to register and next steps to begin gathering customer feedback
  • and finally, what your support options are after registering.

So, let’s get started

Benefits of being involved with customer feedback via TRACS-ALR link:

  • FREE integration to access all ASK LISTEN RETAIN functionality
  • Functionality includes, Net Promoter Scoring, automated alerts, positive comments, Google/Yelp posting, etc.
  • Automated customer feedback requests
  • Increased completed response rates
  • No additional effort required from counter staff

Ready to register for ASK LISTEN RETAIN?

$40/month first location, $20/month additional locations!

Ask Listen Retain - Click Here

Want more information, watch these 2-3 minute videos on


Video 2 - The TABS

Video 3 - Working with Notifications

Video 4 - Other Features

Video 5 - What is Net Promoter Score