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Welcome to this overview of NAPA AUTOCARE’s new Customer Satisfaction program using the ASK LISTEN RETAIN process. Customers can complete an online survey from their computer, from their mobile phone or can be prompted from the NAPA APP after a repair service at your location. Also, depending on the shop management system you are using, customers can receive an automated email or SMS text message with an invitation to complete a customer satisfaction survey after each repair order is closed. These methods create a constant stream of customer feedback which typically results in business improvements and more loyal customers. The results are instantly sent live 24/7 to your portal within ASK LISTEN RETAIN and accessed at your member login at “”.

You will notice there are 3 tabs, the ASK tab, the LISTEN tab and the RETAIN Tab. We will go through each of them very quickly.
1) When the ASK tab is clicked on, you will see each of the questions in the customer satisfaction survey.
2) When the LISTEN tab is clicked on, you see the Word Mining that is happening behind the scenes. Each of the comments that were left by your customers are analyzed for positive and negative words used and are filtered out.
3) When the RETAIN tab is clicked on, you will see a summary of any surveys that created a notification. A notification is a prompting to take action.

When the RETAIN tab is clicked on, you will see a summary of any surveys that created a notification. A notification is a prompting to take action.  There are 4 types of notifications that you might receive from customer feedback.  A notification could be due to an specific answer that triggered it. For example, if a customer answered NO to the question “Were the staff polite and professional.  Another notification type is the resulting score of the survey was below a previously decided percentage, for example a score of 60% would generate a notification of this type.  Or, if there were negative words used in a comment, that would again trigger a notification.  And lastly, the customer can answer YES to the question “Would you like to be contacted by the store manager or owner? This notification opens us communication between customer and management.

There are a couple other features to make you aware of such as, positive comment notifications, automated CSI analysis and reporting, one on one CSI consultation on your customer feedback results, email links for customer support.

In the last column, is where we finally see the green, and the reason for the title of this video, what does the green mean?   The percentages shown in varying shades of green, is the difference in scores from the ‘non-promoters’ column and the ‘promoters’ column. This difference in score is commonly called “THE GAP” or “THE GAP ANALYSIS”.   The larger the gap, the darker shade of green is shown.   As management, you would look for the darkest shades of green first, or the largest gaps in scoring between non-promoters and promoters.

Recently ASK LISTEN RETAIN has integrated “Net Promoter Scoring” as the key scoring metric.  A Net Promoter Score program asks one key quantitative question: “How likely are you to recommend this business to a friend, family or colleague?”
They are asked to rate on an 11-point scale, from 0 to 10. Based on their rating, customers are then classified in 3 categories: detractors, passives and promoters.

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