NEW – Automotive Aftermarket 360 Videos

NEW – Automotive Aftermarket 360 Videos

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What exactly is a video that is 360 degrees?

The viewer of a 360-degree video, also referred to as a “immersive video,” has the ability to control the rotation of the camera, giving them the freedom to look in any direction they choose. Using a camera that can shoot in any direction resulted in the creation of this panoramic effect. There are a number of different methods in which 360 videos can be viewed, including the following:

The Explosion of 360-Degree Videos

Did you know that 360 degree video advertising banners include the following features:

the Standard Conversion Rate
(CTR, view to click)


increase in the percentage of repeat views


increase in user engagement

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The Benefits of 360-Degree Videos for Marketing

So how exactly may your brand benefit from 360-degree videos?

To begin, if you are one of the first people to use this technology, you will have an advantage over your rivals and will be able to differentiate yourself from the general population.

pie chart showing and labled 70%

Seventy percent of marketers who have experimented with 360 videos have found that they are helpful in increasing user engagement.

360 videos are a highly engaging content form that can enhance click-through rates and inspire people to spend more time on your website. 360 videos are also a style of video that can be viewed entirely in a 360 degree environment.

Because 360 videos provide consumers with a more immersive experience.
Because of this, they are an ideal method to give customers a better feel of what it's like to use your product.

 Regarding this phenomena, Ahmad Kareh from Twistlab Marketing offered the following comments in a roundtable post for Forbes:

“Today, 360-degree photographs and movies are highly helpful in areas such as the automotive industry and the real estate industry where it is necessary to be able to visualize the product. It seems possible that 360-degree photos and films will become the norm as VR technology continues to advance. The consumers’ expectations will most likely shift, and they will require additional information on the complete “360-degree” experience of, for example, your goods, rather than just a picture of it.

The most significant benefits of 360-degree video are:

360 videos can be seen on mobile devices as well as desktop computers with or without the use of special equipment.

Woman in her apartment looking at a computer. On the screen is NAPATracs360

Nevertheless, mobile viewing is the most optimal experience for these videos.

When it comes to the accessibility of the site for users, as well as its ranking in search engines, this is a significant advantage.

When businesses make a discernible attempt to post new forms of media and information, they beg for the attention of customers; in this context, putting in even a small bit of effort goes a long way.

If you adopt the technology of 360-degree video early on, you will have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and engage with new audiences before this innovation becomes another industry standard.

360 video is far more participatory since it puts the viewer in charge of their experience and gives them the ability to select the content that they wish to view.

This results in a much increased level of participation from the audience.

Letting your audience know that you are constantly innovating can be communicated through the posting of new material. In general terms, constantly inventing means that you are going to remain here and not disappear the day after tomorrow. It’s a strong indicator of a fantastic brand that’s caught my interest for some reason.

  • The learner is given the opportunity to truly go through the event.
  • It frees the viewer from the clutter and monotony that are inherent in flat, 2D videos.
  • Learners tend to get fully immersed in the content.