Online and Mobile Device Surveys

Online and Mobile Device Surveys

Ask Listen Retain - Online and Mobile Surveys

Here’s how our survey’s with the unique one of a kind back end system, the ALR program, puts you in control of your online & mobile surveys:

Flexibility to have YOUR look and feel for your customer’s survey experience:
  • Select from one of our pre-built survey templates, or let our designers do our thing.
  • Nobody likes a boring survey. Engage your respondents with custom question types and advanced logic. Worry less about response rate, and more about what to do with all the data.
Take your reports with you:
  • Analyze your reports using our robust reporting tools, or export to CSV or Excel formats.
  • Publish your surveys to iPad, or distribute via social media, e-mail, and web links. No matter what medium your respondents use, we make it easy to reach them with one click.
Share with your team:
  • Survey creation is tricky business, and an extra set of eyes never hurt. Collaborate and share notes with your team using our collaboration features.
Keep it simple:
  • We’ve built our software to be easy enough for our CEO’s mom, but powerful enough for a keener executive to manipulate at will. It’s not complicated. No IT staff required.

With over 70% of the world’s population owning a mobile phone and the statistics are rapidly growing, response rates can significantly improve by utilizing mobile surveying. Your customers usually always have their phone with them, turned on and able to respond ‘in the moment’ during their customer service experience. While online surveys commonly attract the ‘outsiders’, those either very happy or very unhappy, mobile surveys can void the gap and boost response rates. Mobile surveys that run in conjunction with standard online surveys, can combine the data received by both methods into one standardize reporting function.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help the age old survey problem, “How do I increase survey response rates?”

1: Offer multiple access points to complete a survey: There are three access points that you will want your survey to be available to your customers.
  • ‘In the moment’ in store experience
  • at the customer’s leisure (in transit, waiting in a restaurant or for an appointment, etc.)
  • at home or work.

To make your survey available at each access point, consider how you can promote your survey at your service counter, at your checkout line, on your invoices and receipts, on your web site (start survey now button), by personalized e-mail, social media sites, blogs, just to name few touch points.

2: Offer multiple methods to complete a survey:

Don’t limit your survey efforts to any one method. Your customers have different lifestyles, different backgrounds and computer skills. Consider using any combination of the following survey methods: e-mail blast with direct links to online surveys, redirect and copy/paste of URLs, mobile surveys, and telephone based surveys which typically offer the largest response rates in a short time period.

Summary of the benefits of mobile interaction include:
  • Captures real-time, in-location feedback from your audience rapidly; including hard to reach customers
  • Delivers higher response and completion rates than other feedback channels
  • Extends and enhances the feedback channels you are currently using
  • Offers instant connectivity with your customers
  • Empowers new ways of engaging with existing customers and employees


Mobile QR Code: You can scan these with your mobile devices to automatically embed contact details / Links to Surveys / Special Offers and more!

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