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Sales Training


Course Description:

In this customized sales training certification course, sales professionals will be provided with a toolbox of customer relationship building and enhance selling skills that they will understand, relate to and be able to effectively apply every day. Participants will learn to how to set strategic goals and achieve their maximum sales results.

This course is designed to:

  1. Increase your sales by doing more with every customer
  2. Build long-term customer relationships
  3. Avoid losing your hard-earned business to your competitors

Who Should Attend: Sales Managers and Sales Professionals

Course Duration: Six Virtual 60 minute Training Sessions

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  1. Enhance overall selling skills, professionalism and teamwork
  2. Develop sales planning and organizational skills
  3. Improve overall customer relationships
  4. Strategically set goals to enhance overall sales and customer service performance
  5. Create overall consistencies using proven best practices
  6. Create a positive work environment that will enhance productivity and performance
  7. Increase employee retention through job satisfaction

Benefits of Virtual Training:

  1. Engaging, upbeat and interactive
  2. Affordable
  3. No travel costs
  4. Convenient
  5. Builds strong collaboration amongst participants
  6. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and speakers, having a camera would be great
  7. Effective and is proven to produce immediate positive results
  8. Measurability is built-in


Relationship Selling Skills Course – Sales Training

Available in live or mixed with virtual training (Available in 8, 16 or 24 hours of training) or in a 6-Series live instructor virtual training series.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand and execute the sales process
  2. Increase sales, productivity and performance
  3. Increase the awareness of developing and maintaining a positive attitude
  4. Improve organizational skills
  5. Develop successful closing skills
  6. Handle objections with confidence
  7. Manage and develop a sales territory
  8. Improved relationships, overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability

Who Should Attend:

Sales Representatives and Sales Managers

Sales Process Steps:

Module 1 – Prepare for your success – positive attitude and teamwork, daily planning and prioritizing, managing tasks, time management, applying focus, making time to prospect, avoiding costly time traps, preparing for the customer, know your competitors, know your product and industry to create a competitive advantage over your competition.

Module 2 – The Power of a Positive Mindset Create a positive first impression – image – understand customers’ expectations, gain immediate interest in your approach, selling your company, Communications Skills – listening skills, professional phone manners, greeting, the customer, dealing with interruptions, managing multiple customers, dealing with difficult people and solving complaints.

Module 3 – Identify Prospect's needs – asking appropriate questions to identify needs, having a thorough understanding of your customer’s needs, actively listening to your customers, paraphrase, take notes, confirming the next action.

Module 4 – Presenting the right solutions with enthusiasm, paraphrasing and summarizing your customer’s needs, asking for feedback, communicating that you are listening to their wants/needs, show and sell, sharing information and guidance, being clear and concise.

Module 5 – Overcoming Objections addressing concerns thoroughly watching for buying signals, steps to overcoming customer objections, presenting best options based on customer needs and offering solutions

Module 6 – Closing the Sale- Ask for the sale (close). Techniques to help you close, the essentials of closing, recognizing body language when closing the sale, techniques on how and when to ask for the sale, up selling when applicable.

Module 7 – Follow- up systems to keep in touch with prospects and existing clients; to develop and securing repeat business with your valued customers and strategies to consistently maximize the ultimate customer experience..


“This course touched on specific scenarios in the everyday jobber day”

Mike Vied
Kayfield Automotive Parts

"I loved it! In my opinion doing it virtually, was more convenient and easier to fit into my schedule"

Beth Herman
Somerset Auto Parts

“Very informative, in a friendly, and fun way of learning”

Clark D. Diaz
PPG Industries

“I would consider this as a necessary course to attend for anyone who is in sales. It will help me be a more efficient Manager and team leader. I am thankful to work for a company that is willing to send me to a quality training course”

Ezra Henderson
RMS Pro Finishes

"Using customized business development strategies and unique processes for developing business relationships in the oil and gas industry, our management team has been successful in developing new business, as well as better securing our valued customer base. Through a team effort we have had an upward growth trend in our specific business for many consecutive years"

Chad Holonics B.Sc.Adv
Northern Mat & Bridge LP