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What Should I Be Asking My Customers?

“Well,” you say, “I can see how there could be a lot of value for my business in conducting surveys for customer satisfaction, and I understand the reasons for focusing on the top 20% of my clients, but what sort of questions should I ask?  I don’t want to waste my time asking the wrong …


Customer Engagement: It’s Personal, Part 2

“But really,” you might ask, “what’s so important about having engaged customers?  Do they actually need to do anything but come in and buy what they’re selling, and do we actually need to do anything but sell them what they want?  If we do a good job of advertising, and keep our shelves stocked, shouldn’t …


Customer Engagement: It’s Personal, Part 1

Customer engagement is a genuine emotional relationship; and from the customer’s point of view, it can be very personal, and very intense! Customers spend their money (and we all have some strong personal feelings about our own money) at your store, expecting good products, good service, and good, friendly, respectful treatment in return.  If that’s …


Voice of the Customer – Part 1 of 2

What exactly do we mean by the voice of the customer? Simply put it is how a company will gather information about how customers feel about the business and its products. For customers this will mean that they have an opportunity to voice their opinions about the company. They will feel that the company respects …


Customer Retention Management

There is no doubt about the fact that good customer service is critical to a company’s profits. Many upper management officials have not yet been convinced that the cost of a customer satisfaction program is worth it. In fact some even believe that the extra cost of a customer satisfaction system will end up making …


Customer Satisfaction and Retention Statistics

During the course of my normal business dealings, I often come across customer satisfaction and customer retention statistics posted by various studies and whitepapers. Some of these stats seem to be common knowledge and don’t surprise me, while others are bold statements and I wonder if they reflect what business owners experience during their every …