Telephone Based Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Telephone Based Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Telephone

Although there are many ways to evaluate customer or event satisfaction levels, we believe that telephonic surveys get directly to the voice of your customer. A personal interaction with your customers generates the highest level of quantitative and qualitative customer relationship information in a timely manner. Telephone surveys allow you to proactively reach out to your customers to gather information, providing you the opportunity to have a conversation with people rather than conducting the YES/NO/MAYBE surveys.

Information and feedback are two extremely important sources with the help of which business moves are based. You can conduct telephonic surveys to get instant knowledge on your customers’ thoughts on your company and the solutions it offers. Market research surveys done via the telephone is an indispensable tool for information gathering and getting customer satisfaction feedback.

So, are you interested in taking your proactive customer contact to the next level while at the same time gathering important strategic and tactical customer information? If yes, then one time or regular telephone surveys may be the answer!

Are you always surprised at customer hot-buttons or find yourself behind the curve when it comes to accurately validating your company’s performance on customer satisfaction? Telephone surveys of customers can help you take proactive customer contact to a new level, while simultaneously obtaining important strategic and tactical customer information. In our experience, they are more effective than any other form of survey. Simple telephone surveys can help you validate particular needs and activities, identify current customer desires and confirm that you are “hitting the mark” with your overall customer base.

Telephone surveys can be easily adjusted or modified to control cost, provide an open dialog with each customer contacted to make them feel appreciated, quickly capture customer input, validate satisfaction and future business possibilities, identify product concerns, clarify service improvements and confirm sales preferences. Are any of those factors important for you or your business?

Response rates are often higher using a telephone survey than other survey methodologies which also mitigates non-response bias (i.e. allowing you to obtain feedback from all types of customers, not just the people who love you or hate you). In addition, data from telephone surveys can usually be analyzed quickly.

Benefits to Telephone Customer Satisfaction Survey interviews:
  • Low cost when high response rate percentage is considered
  • High control of interviewer standards
  • High control of sample
  • Easy to ask for ratings using simple scales
  • Quick turnaround of fieldwork