I think the interviews brought out a lot of good data and definitely had some consistencies in the comments. This is what I took away from this and where I see the biggest opportunity for improvements:

1) Warranty process is confusing
2) Cores could be processed faster
3) Customers not being informed of delayed deliveries
4) Customers not updated on changes on freight policy

This definitely gives us something to work with.

Darren Phillips, QMS Manager, Capital Gear, Edmonton, AB, September 2023


We really like using the NAPA AutoCare CSI program.  It is a valuable tool for us in our customer service!

Rob Sperring, Grand Rapids Motors, Grand Rapids, MI, December 2022


NAPA AutoCare CSI Program surveys are great! The response we receive from our customers, lets me know how we are doing, how we need to improve and the customers that take it perceive the value in it. Partnership with NAPA, AAA and this program are PRICELESS. Giving our customers the peace of mind, knowing they are covered nationwide makes me feel confident I am delivering quality repairs.  With this survey, I believe customers understand we care, and it has helped us grow.

Shannon Long, President, The Elite Total Car Care, Brandon, FL, December 2022


We just love the feedback we receive from our customers who do the surveys thru ALR. We have been using them for 10 years and the information helps us improve service to our customers!

Teresa Shoup, Trailside Automotive, St. Charles, IL , November 2022


We really like the AutoCare CSI Program.  We get great feedback from our customers, as I tell them "We can't fix something if we don't know what we have done wrong" and in doing the survey it really helps us out to provide the best customer service.

Rick Borra, O'Shea Tire Service, Corland, NY, November 2022


We really like using the ALR program and getting the feedback from the results and improving our service for customers!

Dean Carlson, Four Season Automotive, Lakewood, CO, November 2022


It's especially important to take care of the customer right away if there's a problem, That's the kind of feedback I like to get.  If someone has a problem, I fix it!  Sometimes customers won't tell you about a problem to your face, but they will tell you through a survey, by writing it down.  It seems to make them more comfortable.

Howard Wilde, Jake's Radiator Inc (NAPA AutoCare)

NAPA AutoCare

“…we have been using TRACS …we have more feedback using NAPA CSI than any other method. very beneficial to be able to see all of the responses for the surveys in one place.”
David Waits, Japanese Automotive Service (NAPA AutoCare)

Japanese Automotive Service

ASK LISTEN RETAIN (ALR) is a great tool that we never knew we needed. From the initial installation to everyday use, Peter, and the crew over at ALR have been amazing! Not only do they have a great product, but they also answer questions and help adjust ALR to be more customer and consumer friendly. ALR enables us to get candid responses from customers that they probably would not have given to us.

Joey’s Truck Repair, Inc. (NAPA AutoCare)

Joey's Truck Repair Inc

Thank you, Peter.  You and your company always keep us in the right direction with voice of the customer.  Thank you for the support all across Canada.

Martyn Johns, National Director, NAPA AutoPro & Emerging Technologies, October 2022



“UAP NAPA Auto Parts has been using the ASK LISTEN RETAIN system since 2008. Using this system, we hear the voice of our customer’s concerns, as well as what we are doing right from their perspective.

Through the ALR dashboard, we have a chance to quickly address any issues that arise, keeping the customer loyal to NAPA. The customer feedback data is well organized by district and region, allowing head office to drill down to any particular store. This gives head office the ability to confirm how the store managers are reacting to customers issues.

The ASK LISTEN RETAIN team is always there for supporting any regional director, coordinator or head office request. They are very flexible to adapt to our needs making it a team effort.”

Martin Poulet, Senior Director, Operations, UAP

AutoParts Logo

“…Compechek provides outstanding support…addressing customer requests and UAP HVPD’s requests very quickly (same day).”
Melina L’Heureux, Project Manager, UAP HVPD

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"I am blown away by the responses. Your system is a amazing tool to help us improve process. I want to double up on my original plan and do twice the number of surveys."

Mike McDonald, MSA Ford Dealership

MSA Ford

"I now know where my store exceeds my competition, and I know where my store needs some improvements. Also, the report tells me how my counter people are treating my valued customers"

Susan Peacock, Parry Automotive, Orville, Ontario

Parry Automotive

"I was very pleased with the results of our first report we used the report in our staff meeting to encourage our staff and the Compechek report is good value for the investment I am looking forward to future reports to see the results"

Jeff Fortin, Fortin's Auto, Chilliwack, British Columbia

Fortins Automotive

"I have been receiving reports from Midas head office on my staff for years now. However, the information that is included in the Compechek reports is far more comprehensive and is easy to read. It is full of information that I can use in a practical way with my counter people. I recommend this program to anyone that cares about customer service!"

Rick Livingstone, Midas, 4 locations, British Columbia