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Client Testimonials

Ask Listen Retain - Testimonials

Compechek’s programs can really help you to achieve tremendous success in all your customer service initiatives. All our clients have reported that the program helped them make their customer service more effective. We’d like to share with you what some of them had to say after they had experienced the advantages of Compechek’s, ASK LISTEN RETAIN program.

NAPA Auto Pro

"Peter is a consummate professional leader who's organization Compecheck attends to our customer follow-up and has expertly constructed customer loyalty measurement that has proven very valuable. Great partner!"

Chris Thorne, National Director, Banners at UAP INC.

Napa Auto Parts

6% YTD Sales Increase!

"Very professional, very good communication"
"Easy to work with, very flexible"
"Always very responsive to our comments and adapting the system when necessary"
"Surveys are well planned and timeline always very well respected"
"Survey program is a great follow up tool that allowed us to remain focused…To know if we provide the service to their expectations and identify areas of improvement"
"Comments on the fly captured by the surveyor have brought issues to our attention and allowed us to address critical situations very rapidly"
"We were extremely impressed by what you have done and it responds exactly to all our needs."
"We build programs (for our clients) and we can ensure success of programs…we can make all management levels look good as sales will be there with satisfied customers!"

Louise Lamothe, Director – Store Operations, UAP/NAPA
Michel Pomerleau, VP of Store Operations, UAP/NAPA

ISN Integrated Supply Network Inc
"I wanted to let you know how please we were with the demonstration of your survey solution last week. We have significant amounts of both internal and external survey work in house and have fallen down in all of the areas that your system appears to excel.
"The greatest difficulty has always been getting past the initial survey and turning the opinions of our customers into actions that resolve their problems or capitalize on the things that they enjoy. Not only does your solution aggregate the survey results into meaningful grouping but monitors both our effectiveness at curing issues in the short and long term and improvements in customer perspective over time. The fact that the system essentially holds us accountable is a welcome relief."
"Peter we are looking forward to moving to the next stage on this project and would be doing so today if only timing allowed. We will be in touch soon to determine how we make it happen."

John Snowden, SVP Sales ISN
Pete Weber, CIO ISN

MSA Ford
"I am blown away by the responses. Your system is a amazing tool to help us improve process. I want to double up on my original plan and do twice the number of surveys."

Mike McDonald, MSA Ford Dealership

KC Automotive Parts
"This program drills down to each clients expectations, just because we are great with a certain attribute with one customer doesn't mean that we are great with the next shop…with 3 sales guys they all have different strengths and this allows you to do comparisons amongst them…and work on the strengths and weaknesses, the program focus's on what is important to our client …service being #1 and availability #2 in our survey results… Sometimes the client will not give you any negatives when questioning him in person , where as if it’s a stranger they are more apt to say what they really think…finding out that our clients wanted to see more of management at there shop was a surprise …positive criticism is great … when you think all is fine with your client base , this survey brings you back into reality"

Tim Cox, Owner, KC Automotive

Parry Automotive
"I now know where my store exceeds my competition, and I know where my store needs some improvements. Also, the report tells me how my counter people are treating my valued customers"

Susan Peacock, Parry Automotive, Orville, Ontario

Fortins Automotive
"I was very pleased with the results of our first report we used the report in our staff meeting to encourage our staff and the Compechek report is good value for the investment I am looking forward to future reports to see the results"

Jeff Fortin, Fortin's Auto, Chilliwack, British Columbia

"I have been receiving reports from Midas head office on my staff for years now. However, the information that is included in the Compechek reports is far more comprehensive and is easy to read. It is full of information that I can use in a practical way with my counter people. I recommend this program to anyone that cares about customer service!"

Rick Livingstone, Midas, 4 locations, British Columbia