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Are you interested in taking your proactive customer contact to the next level while at the same time increasing your social media presence? If yes, then ASK LISTEN RETAIN’s customer satisfaction surveys may be the answer!

In a recent survey of approximately 2,000 professionals, almost 46% said that they were going to be focusing on customer experience over the course of the next 5 years. Only 21% said they would focus on price and 34% on product. This means that if a small business doesn’t know what their customers are saying about their business, they will lose customers to bigger companies.

Automotive ‘Jobbers’ and ‘Installers’ know that they don’t often hear from unhappy customers, they just don’t come back. In fact, only 1 in 26 unhappy customers will complain. With Ask Listen and Retain’s automotive aftermarket customer retention system, a business will be able to spot potential customer service issues, increase staff motivation and highlight more Google reviews without having to create complicated surveys or spreadsheets.

Taking the step to asking customers for feedback will completely change what happens in a business. Instead of guessing what customers want, the feedback will pinpoint what areas need attention and which areas are already gold-star. Having a customer service experience that is high quality will create repeat business and referrals.

Benefits to ASK LISTEN RETAIN’s Online & Mobile Customer Satisfaction Surveys:
  • We have an already built survey, so no time lost to planning and launching our software because it integrates seamlessly with most other programs
  • You get FREE support
  • You can customize with your logo and you get a customized URL
  • You get unlimited responses for no extra charge
  • We support both English, French, Spanish
  • You experience real time customer feedback results
  • You get notified of unhappy customers that need your attention
  • You get notified of happy customers so you can share the good news with your team!