Step 1 - ASK

Do you ever wonder what customers are saying about you? – ASK them!

In a competitive marketplace where social media has given the customer voice center stage, now more than ever it’s critical to know exactly what your customers think. Engaging your customers from the inside out, and making sure everyone in your company shares the same vision—across departments, touch points, and geographies—are vital components to the health and success of your business.

Did you know that only 1 out of 25 dissatisfied customers will ever speak out and let someone within your company know about their dissatisfaction?  91% will never come back to do business with you again.  And what’s worse a dissatisfied consumer will tell between 9 and 15 people about their experience.  However, the key here is that 95% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint instantly.  But you have to know about the concern before you can remedy the situation, so you really can’t afford not to ASK your customers about their experience with your company.

ASKING the right questions will help you pin down your customers’ likes, dislikes, and the areas of improvement that exist. For example, what does the average customer think about your prices? Too high? Just right? How well is your staff doing on customer service, or how well does your staff understand the growing needs of your customers—and prospects? Is there anything at all about the customer experience that turns them off? You might even ASK why clients stop doing business with you, how you might win them back, and how you can prevent customer losses in the future. And, if you’re developing a new product or updating an existing one, customers can provide you with invaluable feedback about design and functionality. Often times, customers will shed light on problems that would have otherwise been missed.

A customized set of questions are co-designed by Compechek’s survey development specialists alongside your management team. The goal is to identify the key areas of importance which are currently affecting your customer satisfaction and customer retention. Areas such as your sales representative and/or management performance, your product and service offerings and your current customer loyalty levels.

Once the survey is created Compechek will help determine which survey method will be best suited for your company needs, such as an email campaign, mobile survey, online survey, telephone survey or a combination approach.  Each survey type has its benefits, so Compechek will lead your management team through selection process.

Not only will customer satisfaction survey analysis help you understand the factors that strengthen relationships, boost sales, and build customer loyalty, but they’ll also help you define and set goals for short- and long-term decision making.

Ultimately, ASKING your customers key questions will help drive the growth of your business.

Check out Step 2: The LISTEN portion of the ALR program.

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