Step 2 - Listen

Our one of a kind program allows you to carefully LISTEN to the
Voice of your Customer.

We help your data make sense. Because a mountain of data does you no good if it doesn’t help you take action. Compechek helps you use your data and make decisions you can be confident in.  The large amounts of comments that could be collected during the survey process, can be analysed in such a way that insights can be gained to improve the efficacy and efficiency of business operations.

LISTEN by Word Mining:

When specific words are used by your customers during the survey process (telephone, online or mobile surveys) in the open text comment question types, these words are actually windows into their emotional mind set. To help you LISTEN in a structured format and making sense of the volume of comments recorded, words are automatically categorized as POSITIVE or NEGATIVE emotionally charged comments. A third comment type is also classified as KEYWORDS that have been identified as important for feedback purposes.

Positive words such as ‘PROFESSIONAL’ or ‘HAPPY’ can be considered customer comments that are typically pleased and engaged in dealing with your business. On the flip side, negative words such as ‘SLOW’ or ‘RUSHED’ would be words that indicate an unhappy customer or a poor experience dealing with your business.  Keywords such as ‘DELIVERY’ or ‘WARRANTY’ could be used for management to track key deliverables that ensure these important aspects of the business are being dealt with properly by front line staff.

LISTEN by Advanced Reporting:

Compechek helps you LISTEN by advanced analyzing and reporting of your precious data collected.  We make it easy to get a bird’s-eye view of your survey responses. We also offer advanced reports for serious data analysis addicts like ourselves.  Here are some of the reports that Compechek can analyse your data with:

  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Summary Report – Graphs and averages from your data
  • Comparison Report – Compare data from one question to all questions
  • Profile Report – Compares one individual’s response to all responses
  • Cross Tab Report – Full Cross Tab report with horizontal & vertical percentage & index
  • Page Fall-Off Report – Displays counts of respondents who abandon the survey on each page

Also we offer exports and sharing – love your data so much you want to share it?  You can access your survey results real time as the data is collected, or by a reoccurring scheduled email sent right to your inbox.   We also offer exports in Excel, CSV, SPSS, PDF, and more.

Check out Step 3: RETAIN portion of the ALR program .

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Please find below a summary of the ALR Packages available. If you would like to see a list of the complete features that ALR offers, please click here

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