FALL 2021
Featured Virtual Live Training Classes

The investment is US $360 per person

Send registration form to Ann Talvacchio at [email protected]

All virtual classes are a series of 6- 60 minute two classes per day on 3 calendar days.
The fee counts toward the End-of-Year Platinum rebate “Continuous Improvement”.

11:00 AM (EDT) – 12:00 PM (EDT)
1:00 PM (EDT) – 2:00 PM on the following dates:

Session #1 & Session #2
October 8


Session #3 & Session #4
October 22


Session #5 & Session #6
November 8

11:00 AM (EDT) – 12:00 PM (EDT)
1:00 PM (EDT) – 2:00 PM on the following dates:

Session #1 & Session #2
October 7


Session #3 & Session #4
October 21


Session #5 & Session #6
November 7

Course Objective – Updated with new content in 2021
Successful completion of this course will mean the participant has learned the art and skill of engaging with current accounts and prospects in a new and more effective way. They will do this by applying a strategic approach to identifying key target accounts, preparing effective professional presentations, and working to improve overall communication skills.

  • Maximizing Your Potential – Shifting Your Mindset for the Future
  • Techniques for Getting to the Right Person and Making a Connection
  • Prospecting techniques to win NEW business
  • Delivering the ultimate sales presentation
  • Strategies to drive consistent sales performance
  • How to Keep the Customer Loyal After Making the Sale

Course Objective – Updated with new content in 2021
Successful completion of this course will give the participant customized strategies to build stronger leaders and managers by motivating their teams to maximize their potential and create the ultimate customer experience every day.  This program provides managers with a toolbox of skills they can easily understand, relate to, and effectively apply.

  • Maximizing Employee Potential
  • Leading Teams to Mastering the Art of Great Customer Service
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Motivating Team Members
  • Employee Coaching and Strategic Leadership Skills
  • Pulling it All Together


PPG Platinum Department contact: Ann Talvacchio at [email protected] (440) 572-6715
For more class details, contact: Norman Rose at [email protected] (430) 230-2330

Recent Testimonials from
PPG Store Managers for Sales and Service Feedback

“Great sessions, training is essential, even for the old-timers. Continuous training!”
~ Richard Landry, Capital Paint, and Supply


“It has made me aware of room for improvement in a number of areas in our organization and ideas on how to make these improvements.  I learned the importance of getting ‘buy-in’ from our employees and managers when making changes. Norm seems to understand our industry and knows what struggles we all have to deal with, so he is able to offer real-life solutions. Norm’s humor makes the classes enjoyable as well.”
~ Tony, Barnaba, Auto Finishers


“It has given me some great ideas about leadership that I never would have thought of. Also, the tools that you guys have done the legwork on, are a huge advantage for me (ie: consistency checklist, phone tips sheet, self-evaluation sheet).”
~ Devin Bumgarner, Ohio Auto Kolor

Recent Testimonials from
PPG Commercial Territory Managers

“The training will help me personally with ‘not missing steps in process’. Very informative, in a friendly, and fun way of learning. Training was awesome via Zoom.”
~ Clark D. Diaz PPG Commercial Territory Manager


“I would recommend this class; it was a good refresher and new perspective on the selling process. The interaction with colleges you do not normally see or talk to was also refreshing.  I enjoyed the enthusiasm from Norm and the sessions were very well organized.”   
~ Steve Remm PPG Commercial Territory Manager


“It gives me some tools on how I should ask questions and answer objection from the customer. Since a large part of our time is dedicated to new business, it is helpful to use everyday.”
~ Ghislain Roch PPG Commercial Territory Manager


“I would recommend this class, based on the realistic approach as covered in the modules. The dialogue and strategies are realistic and allow for real world examples.  I tend to rush through the selling stages and will often miss important steps. This course will help me take a more deliberate course through the stages.”
~ Rob McClelland – PPG Commercial Territory Manager


“At first I wasn’t a fan of the virtual but as the training progressed, I became more comfortable with the format.”
~ Gordie Lampron – PPG Commercial Territory Manager