Statistics that prove that ‘IMPROVED’ customer satisfaction ‘IMPROVES’ profits!

Statistics that prove that ‘IMPROVED’ customer satisfaction ‘IMPROVES’ profits!

Of the 13,000,000 Google search results on ‘Customer Satisfaction Statistics’, ASK LISTEN RETAIN picks the top 3!


We’ve divided the other ‘best’ statistics into 2 sets:

The ROI of great customer service – Money INTO your store!


The cost of bad customer service – Money LOST to your store!


Customer service, when done well, has just as much impact as a strong sales funnel or excellent marketing efforts. Not only that, but if your customer service team does a fantastic job, it may help boost your other teams’ effectiveness.
It’s easier to make a sale when your customers feel supported, and word-of-mouth marketing after an extraordinary experience is one of the best pitches on the market.

Everyone knows that poor customer service is terrible for business. However, just how bad is poor customer service for your company? You may consider today’s breed of customers impatient and demanding. However, customers drive your business, and making their experiences with your company as great as possible should be your focus.

In summary – Put your customer in the center of your business.

If you want to stay on top of things you should put your customers in a center of your business and treat their feedback as the most valuable source for information in your company. They are the ones who use your products and services, so they know best what could be improved to make them even more happy. Never ignore their voice. If you fail to meet their expectations they will find other company which will do it better than you. Use customer feedback at all corporate levels and across all departments in your company. Insights will help you develop your products, improve customer service, and manage customer satisfaction.

Thanks to customer feedback you can make sure that your clients will stay with you, be loyal to your brand and in consequence will spread positive word-of-mouth for you. Having devoted brand ambassadors is gold your company needs to grow!

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